Fattening Food and Little Personal Space: Elder Candland’s First Week at the MTC

Elder Tre Candland has officially completed his first week at the MTC. He sent out emails to the Cambria Ward Bishopric and of course to his loving mom and dad. Here are those emails compiled into his first update.


To the Bishopric,

Just sending a quick shout out to the Cambria Ward bishopric. I can’t describe how great these experiences are for my spirit, yet really bad for one’s health. They feed you nothing but fattening food and it’s all you can eat, and then make you stay awake late in the night writing down personal revelation. However, I am going to miss it. I leave for Kansas on Tuesday. I have a great trio companionship, and wouldn’t trade them for the world, unless it involved a little more personal space. I do want to say to anyone wanting to serve a mission should practice praying on their knees all the time and to love everybody that you meet as Jesus and God loves them.


Elder Candland


Dear Mom,


Tell each and every one of these little devils you call your kids I love them. It’s been a tough week at the MTC, and my only thought I have is why I am doing this. I feel a deep love for my Savior every time I hit knees, which is quite often. I have felt the spirit in what feels like a truck hitting me. I have not a single regret, though I do yearn greatly for home and some alone time. My first companions are Elder Christensen and Elder Tolley. Yeah, I got put in a trio companionship. It’s been interesting to say the least. Instead of one shadow, I have two. They are great elders, though.


For Reese’s problem, have him turn to Matthew 5:22. Discuss how the anger he has towards this young lady is not his fault and the best action is love as Jesus loved. I know it sounds cheesy, but as a missionary, my purpose is to bring others unto Christ, and the best way to do this is through love. It can be really hard, yet love will leave you filled with the spirit and allow no regrets in your actions and in your words.


For both Reese and for Jane, read to them 2 CORINTHIANS 1:4, and ask them both to pray to God to find comfort in the love Christ and Heavenly Father gave us. For Madelyn, bless her soul, read to her Ether 12:6, and comforter her that these things will strengthen her and make her a more powerful and wonderful daughter of God.


My 1st week has been rough. No rest for the weary and my mind set had to change. As my old zone leader said, “Be humbled or get humbled.” I got humbled so fast. I had to learn to love everybody, and that was really hard, yet I have never felt so close to God before this experience. I say a prayer for each and every one, every night and pray that you are protected and loved. I will pray more for Reese, Maddie, Jane, Grandma, Dad and you, Mom. Let everyone know how much I love them and don’t let Christ and the Atonement ever leave your life.


Another quick thing I thought of for my beloved little brother, a quote from Brother Wicksom from the MTC devotional: “And only wise words will leave thy mouth, and let temperance be thy guide” (a rough summary) If you pray to God, he will speak words of worth, and allow him to be able to withstand any criticism from anybody.


A Kansas size worth of Love,

Elder Candland



Dear Dad,


I think I’ll email you as well, since it’s cheaper than actually paying to send a letter. I just read Mom’s letter and I’m praying my heart out for all of you. My MTC experience has been draining, but it’s more like draining away all negative emotions and habits and replacing them with a Christ-like love that can touch and change people’s lives. I was put into a trio companionship, Elder Christensen and Elder Tolley, some extraordinary missionaries. I also have an amazing zone, consisting of Elder Bush “Texas”, Elder Bush’s companion “Elder Allen” (that’s how he likes to introduce himself), Elder Hales and Elder Melo. They are like my brothers, and I’ve never felt so close to these elders, in an appropriate way (our inside joke).


Dad, remember when we went to the Salt Lake City Temple? There was this girl named Miley Kilsby (Kills-Bee), who was there in our session. When I reported, I saw her two rows in front of me in the mission opening devotional. She is actually serving in the Gilbert, Arizona mission, and we began to strike up conversation with each other. Sister Kilsby is an amazing Daughter of God, with a great sense of humor and deep sense of love for her fellow man. After that night, I kind of forgot her, at least her name. But, after her approaching me multiple times and us running into each other, I began to feel something from the Holy Ghost. Yesterday, before we got into the devotional, we ran into her and she told me she wasn’t feeling good, had mono. Without a second thought, I said the words, “Do you want a blessing, Sister Kilsby?” and she looks at me in surprise and says if it wasn’t any trouble. I assured her that it wasn’t, and we took her and her companions into an empty room and I blessed her with most of the Elders from my zone. After I had finished, she stood up and thanked me, telling me how she and her companions were just praying for a way for her to get a blessing. I am more and more impressed with her, and she has obviously found something in me.


Also, while in the MTC devotional, I had a serious revelation. Sister Wicksom, the general primary president, talked briefly about patriarchal blessings the Sunday after I was released from primary. I had the impression to pull mine out and read it. Suddenly, I pulled out my scriptures and linked part of my patriarchal blessing to the scriptures and God spoke to me. My patriarchal blessing says I have a strong desire for freedom and to help generations to come to enjoy those freedoms. I linked it to 2 Nephi 2:27:


“Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh; and all things are given them which are expedient unto man. And they are free to choose liberty and eternal life, through    thegreat Mediator of all men, or to choose captivity and death, according to the captivity and power of the devil; for he seeketh that all men might be miserable.”


The scripture talks about freedom from choosing the right and living a Christ-like life. Maybe God wants me to be a teacher, a missionary, a leader in his church to help others and their posterity to live in freedom from sin, instead of freedom in the physical sense.

I love each and every one of you so much, and I hope to hear from you soon.


From the prodigal son who has come back to his heavenly and his earthy father,


Elder Candland


Goodbyes and New Ties

Goodbyes and New Ties


Elder Tre Candland left his mother, two sisters, and brother Monday morning, February 15, 2016 with his father. Elder Candland officially entered the MTC February 17, 2016 and will be serving in the Wichita Kansas Mission. Goodbyes are never easy but his family and future family will be blessed for his service.

This blog has been created and will be updated to share his journey of service and to serve as record for his posterity.

The Greater Work

By Diana Allred

Goodbyes are only easier when meant for a greater cause

One that is so great that it is not bound by man’s laws

Finding strength, faith, and guidance to do His will while kneeled

A call has been extended, a call from Heavenly Father to be fulfilled

The work is for two years, roughly seven hundred and thirty days

Spent spreading His love and word through any and all open doorways

Lost souls that didn’t know they were waiting to be found and shown

That even through the pain and darkness, they are never alone

For Jesus has suffered the pains and trials that pierce their contrite hearts

Receiving the love of Christ and restored Gospel is where the healing process starts

Through softening of the heart the love of Christ cannot be forsaken

Because with the atonement all of our sins and pains Christ has already taken

All that is needed is to see the emerging rays of light through the dark

Which is done through service of missionaries who light that spark

It is but a short time to be in the field and leave their families behind

Because someone’s eternity they have opened to begin to unwind