Elder Tre Candland left his mother, two sisters, and brother Monday morning, February 15, 2016 with his father. Elder Candland officially entered the MTC February 17, 2016 and will be serving in the Wichita Kansas Mission. Goodbyes are never easy but his family and future family will be blessed for his service.

This blog has been created and will be updated to share his journey of service and to serve as record for his posterity.

The Greater Work

By Diana Allred

Goodbyes are only easier when meant for a greater cause

One that is so great that it is not bound by man’s laws

Finding strength, faith, and guidance to do His will while kneeled

A call has been extended, a call from Heavenly Father to be fulfilled

The work is for two years, roughly seven hundred and thirty days

Spent spreading His love and word through any and all open doorways

Lost souls that didn’t know they were waiting to be found and shown

That even through the pain and darkness, they are never alone

For Jesus has suffered the pains and trials that pierce their contrite hearts

Receiving the love of Christ and restored Gospel is where the healing process starts

Through softening of the heart the love of Christ cannot be forsaken

Because with the atonement all of our sins and pains Christ has already taken

All that is needed is to see the emerging rays of light through the dark

Which is done through service of missionaries who light that spark

It is but a short time to be in the field and leave their families behind

Because someone’s eternity they have opened to begin to unwind


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