Made it safe, mom and dad!

Made it safe, mom and dad!
I’m serving right now in the Goodland, Kansas / Burlington, Colorado
area. My trainer or ‘dad’ is Elder Nix, who is pretty cool. I got off
the plane and they started us off with tracting. That is where I met Charles,
a homeless guy, who started crying while we were teaching him. I was also
so tired from only having 30 minutes of sleep, I fell asleep while
President Bell was talking. He said it was fine and he understands.
The next day, we had this devotional and I got to meet Elder Nix. We
then proceeded to drive 5 hours to Colorado.

I’m going to be having my 1st baptism this week on Saturday, this awesome kid named Anthony, who is so ready. I am also going to be helping this family slaughter a
pig next month. It’s going to be awesome.

I’m still trying to get used to the small branch and church we have out here.
I’ve felt like I’ve grown closer to God and to the scriptures. One of
my new favorite books is 3rd Nephi, right when Jesus visits. I love
how he teaches and clears up all the confusion and perfects his
church. He kept on saying he was going to leave, but the people begged
him to stay and Jesus always responds with mercy and stays longer.
Mom, I love you. I love you, dad. I’ll try and send the cards soon.
I’m also excited to serve. Also, the only way for me to receive
packages or mail is if it is priority mail. Don’t forget to pray for
me, because I’ll never forget to pray for you. I’m serving the best
mission in the world. We are here to harvest not to plant seeds.

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018


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