Some quirks and a baptism!

Dear my wonderful mother and father,

I’ve loved all the packages, though I could use some of my garments, my white shirts and that other towel. I have 2 apartments in my area, so I sometimes forget my towel and I have to drip dry. My iPad works fine for pics and videos.

The baptism was the best. Anthony, the boy we baptized is so awesome and always hugs me whenever we visit. His dad, the guy next me in the picture, is the next guy we want to baptize, because he is so ready, his wife is a member, and he can feel the spirit.

My companion is pretty cool, though we sometimes clash at times. I have a lot to work on to be better, so it’s not his fault. My bike is awesome but I haven’t had a chance to ride it yet because of how much we need to drive. My branch is in Colorado and we drive between Kansas and Colorado every day. The branch is super small, only about 35 members, and they are super awesome. We’ve been fed more than I thought, mainly because of the size of the branch, but the whole branch is super stoked and pumped for missionary work. I have another baptism next week, so I might be sending some more pics.

We have met a lot of solid people. One named Percy is the one I want to focus on. He has had some issues all of his life. Has had addictions galore, been to prison, and is just an alcoholic now, but he hates it. He has such a solid faith in Christ, but has a hard time repenting. I shared Alma 5:18-21, to help him understand why he needs to repent, be baptize and to accept the church and receive help. We had such a deep conversation and he sees us as people who care. I love that man so much, but I want him to know how much more Jesus and God love him.

I’m also helping a man and his family, the Bushes. They are like our family, except they are inactive. None of the kids have been baptized, and they want to be. The dad wants to do it and be worthy, but he hasn’t done anything to change. I’ll help the spirit help them all get
in to the font.

Tell everyone I love them so much and I’ll be working hard to be a tool in the lord’s hands. Don’t let anything but the love of Christ be the center of your life. It’s so much brighter and amazing when your love of God and Jesus centers your focus.

With all of my love,
Elder Candland


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