Finding his purpose

Dear Bishop Jones, Brother Germaine and Dad,

The KWM (Kansa Wichita Mission) is the greatest on the Earth. The goal of the mission is to baptize 100 of our brothers and sisters, but we have only made it 63 baptisms a month. We’ll make it there. I love all the people here. I strive to let them see the light of Christ through the miracles wrought by his hand.

When I came out on my mission, my focus was to get it over and move on with my life. I immediately changed my heart in the MTC. I have seen what happens when the mission is focused on you. You do nothing of importance, you are left guilty at the end, and all is said and done, you have gained nothing. In Philippians 4:13, the simple verse says it all. When I’m Christ centered, not Elder Candland center, not career centered, not even family centered, all things are done unto me and, more importantly, to God. I owe all the successful baptisms, discussions and blessings to my lord and savior, he who bled for me, gave his perfect life in its entirety. Not a single action, moment was ever for him, but for us, the little brothers and sisters who fall down and have been bruised and burden with sin. Through Christ, I have been strengthened and been able to do things beyond any power that man could ever possess.

Sincerely in the name of His son, my Savior, & our King,
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018



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