Love for the Siblings


Dear Reese,
Hope high school is awesome and that seminary is great. Prepare to serve a mission, it’s the coolest thing ever. I got to go on a tour of the fire station and get to keep an old fireman jacket. I’ve had my 1st baptism, probably the coolest thing ever, to take someone into the waters of forgiveness, and it’ll be a great thing when you get to do it. You’ll probably have more success than I do. Make sure you pray, study, and live the doctrine of Christ often and every day.
I Love you!

Happy birthday, Maddie!
Hope you are having an awesome month, so share the joy with others. So many cool things happen in Kansas, so I hope you get to visit one day with us. I’ll take each of you with me on a trip to see my new home in Kansas. But it’s super small. There is a single Walmart, a theater that can only show a movie at a time, and a lot of farm land. Hope that you keep on being one of the best 10 year old sister ever. Also, playing the piano is the best skill on a mission. I’m jealous you are learning how to play.
I Love you!

Happy birthday Jane!
I saw a fox by my apartment in Goodland, and I include the best picture I could get of it. Hope school is going amazingly, and I love the pictures and the story of your basketball. I hope that you win your next game. I’m going to be playing basketball with one of our investigators today. You should some the creatures here, they are everywhere. You’re going to have an amazing time in young women’s, just stay away from boys. Keep on being a 12 year old light to the world.
I Love you!

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018



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