Mom, send money. Kidding, but not really.

Dear Mom and Dad
I got a box, though that was a couple weeks ago. Sister Cocanueer said I got 2 packages at zone conference, one she already forwarded to me. The other wasn’t able to be forwarded. I’m going to get it at training on the 8th. Also, I told you about the music and cards.

Oh, yea of little faith. I’m been having a sick week, been teaching the masses, but we are still working on some to accept baptisms. I especially liked zone conference, were Prez and Mama Bell came out and trained us, along with the APs. I was able to work with Prez to be a better person in general. I love that man. He truly exemplifies the atonement, showing love and compassion. Members of the quorum of the 12 apostles says that Prez is the best in the world.

image3 (1)

Been having a good Easter weekend, but I’m more stoked for general conference. One of my favorite talks, ‘The Greatest Commandment’ by Elder Holland is an awesome one. You can download it on the gospel library app. It’s a great talk from October 2012 . There is also ‘None were with Him’ by Holland. Also, mom and dad, there is something I’d like you to do with my siblings if possible. In the family section of preach my gospel, there is the addiction recovery program the church has put out. There is also a video set in the family section. As a family, you should watch it. They are powerful. Maybe just watch it with Reese since he is older, or watch them 1st before showing them to the kids, but I’ve watched them so many times. They are great.

We had a sleepover as a whole district. No sleep at all. A lot of ramen and Mountain Dew.

Mom, send money.  Kidding, but not really. When you have 2 separate apartments, it’s hard to keep both stocked and full of supplies we need. But, we will be getting money on the 31st.

Love you, in the name of my almighty savior, Jesus Christ. I also know that he lived and died and lives again so I can have joy and return to the fathers and mothers of this Earth and of Heaven and break the chains of death itself.
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018


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