Conference Weekend was SICK! in a good way….


Dear mom and dad,

This conference was the sickest ever. I’m still kinda mad though. While we were in the last session and Elder Holland came up to speak, I was so excited. He’s my favorite speaker. Then, it skipped to the end, making us miss his talk. I almost killed Elder Nix. Then we played monopoly with a recent convert. Also, priesthood session was intense; lot about marriage, being worthy for marriage and priesthood authority.


This week has been kinda depressing. A lot of people have been pushing us away, leaving, moving, or, in one case, slammed the door in our faces. I have been praying for God’s help in helping him to guide us and find people who need us.


Nick got called to Tennessee? Tell the fool to email me. Please?


Also, my companion got me addicted to freaking Magic the Gathering card game. We are super close now, but now I also want to blow all my money on cards. He keeps on kicking my butt.


Tell Reese to make sure his bike doesn’t have any flat tires. You probably remember what happened to me when I went. Take pictures and send them!


Send pictures of Jane’s games.


Also, I want to share how much I’ve grown on my mission. I feel like my freaking heart has been shattered and mended to be better than I could ever make it. I might not come home because I love Kansas so much. The savior sent me out here to help feed his sheep so they can have true joy in the fold of Christ. If you feel like you have strayed too far away or that Christ doesn’t want you or he doesn’t want more of his sheep in the fold, get over yourself and come unto him. He didn’t care then, when people were filthy with diseases that are almost eradicated today, killed people, committed sins in ways we find abhorred and Christ wanted them to come unto him. If you wait, you will never find happiness.


Also, I’m super excited to share. Percy, the guy who had a drinking problem, just quit. He got detoxed and was able to start not drinking. He’s been clean for about a week. Super proud of the guy. He wants to build a hot rod with his son, and he says that he can’t do it drunk as a bum. Dad, I want to do that with you. Buy an old car and fix it up with you when I get home. It’s a cool idea, but I get dibs on the car, since I need one when I get back.


I was also able to reestablish a connection with an old investigator. She was about to get baptized before a stupid Elder made her feel like she was being forced to do it. She says she doesn’t think she’s still going to be baptized LDS, but she’s still willing to listen. We’ll get Angel in the fount.


Hug Jane for me for praying for Percy. As soon as it is available, I am going to watch Elder Holland’s talk. And I’ll read Hayden’s letter.


Love, in the name of that all-powerful redeemer, Jesus Christ,
Elder Candland

KWM 2016-2018


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