Why Missionaries get fat…..

Dear Mom, Dad, and everybody else on the email list,

Due to recent requests (mom), I’m going to be more detailed about my mission. I love the area, which used to be 2 separate areas, but they combined Goodland and Burlington to 1. Both are small, one always smells like weed because Burlington is in Colorado and weed is legal there.  We have a single Walmart between the two.


People are amazing, but they all work at inconvenient times for their salvation and we try hard to help them. Then we have people who have all these kids and don’t have time for us after 8:00, which makes sense.

My Goodland apartment is super small, has a bunch of broken stuff, and the bathroom has no doorknob. I fixed it by shoving a towel into the spot where it had originally been in, and use a doorstop for privacy.

We have met a bunch of crazy people. Percy is doing well, and his horrific images of prison are less invasive since he quit drinking alcohol. Anthony, the boy who I baptized, is super strong, and he’s helping us with his friends. A boy named Connor (age 9), who is the reincarnation of young me (which is bad), wants to get baptized, but his mom has this crazy idea that Connor won’t be held accountable for his mistakes, some notion about being more responsible.

I wish that’s how it worked, because then baptism would be unessential. But my Lord has proclaimed that no man can enter into the kingdom without being baptized. Burlington is funny. We have this less active family’s house, which has a couple of weed smokers who are super funny, and are interested. The apartment is super big there, but it has no water pressure in the kitchen sink and all water in it is messed up.

Got to set up a grill without any instructions, and got to have a Kansas barbecue, this made me feel super fat as I ate.

So, mom, I began to write you a poem for your birthday and Mother’s Day. Be prepared to have your socks blow off. Also, I have been trying to work out. I also had a tragic accident with my msf (missionary savings fund). I used my card to pay for a car wash and it stole most of my money for some reason. I had to survive off of my home card. I would like to get the telephone pin for my savings so I can be able to transfer funds into my account in case of an emergency. I can’t do it by myself, which sucks.

P days are super chill, a lot of naps, emails, prison cakes, magic games, football, soccer and basketball. We are planning to play with some of our investigators later today.

So, we have been working with the Breiningers and they are working towards baptism together, but I don’t know when. They are super stoked for it. Been helping a million people work towards baptisms, like Percy, Angel, big Anthony, Connor, Mahki, Maliki, Walter, the list is eternally getting longer with the elect on it. Just have to help them through their trials of faith.

I love all of you, but my Lord and Savior is my true ally and the best older brother I have, making it possible for me and my family to be able to be together in eternity with all the people who he saved through me. Obedience is the price for faith and faith is the power. Christ is the reason why I do this. He has changed my life and my attitude for the eternities.
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018




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