Once Upon a Time, My Trainer is Leaving……

I’m so freaking mad right now. So, been here for over a month and I’m being transferred to the other half of Kansas to have a different dad (trainer). Elder Nix is going to be a zone leader and I’m being trained by Elder Limb, who was AP when I got here. So, all of my sick people on date are going to get 2 completely new to the area missionaries who barely know what’s happening. I literally don’t want this to happen. I want to stay in Goodland. But, since I don’t want to fight God’s decision on where I go, I’m going forward in faith.
I finally got to meet Brandon this week. He fell off date because he was busy and wasn’t home when we stopped by, but I got to meet him. He is super stoked and is getting baptized this week. We discovered something startling. Brandon and I are halves of the same person. All things that I like are everything he likes. We are mentally bonded, and he is my homie. Also I met Lesley, someone who lives in Goodland. She was an old investigator who is now on date for baptism. Too bad I’m not going to be around for any of their baptismos!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh!!!
Just letting you know I am going to Topeka. It sounds awesome, and I’m excited, but I feel like my work here isn’t even close to being done. So many of the people here make me feel welcomed and one of them. Plus, I’m in a time zone I was used to beforehand. Now I have to time travel an hour into the future to go to Topeka.
So, eventually, I’ll show all of you city slickers what prison cake is. I’m going to make a video tutorial with my iPad and send it to all the missionaries and friends and familia. Missionaries are going to love it, because the total cost to make prison cake is about $4.25. And it’s so good and caffeinated. Also I am going to work on a district song for transfers. 4 out of 6 missionaries in the district are leaving and one area is being shut down. They are white washing the area. Elder Nix and I will go to Hamm for our remaining time together.

I’ve had to rely on my savior more and more and more as my mission steadily progresses. I’m becoming even more lovingly bold with everyone so they can partake of the blessings of God. I literally cannot express my love for Kansas, the people, the mission and, most importantly, my savior. It’s inhuman how much I want to give to these people. My heart breaks to think I’m being separated from these people, but I’m going forward in faith. Super proud of all of my best friends, those I met before my mission rebirth and during, who serve in as foreign place as I do, at least mentally and those are about to leave to serve our God and those who couldn’t or don’t have the opportunity anymore. All of you shaped me into a man I am not ashamed to be, and I love you, my brothers. I’m super proud of my familia, who would have probably been better without me, but stuck by me, and I love them for all they do. All of them are acting like my savior did for me. All of you are acting like my savior, loving me, encouraging me and calling me out when I’m being stupid (which happens a lot) I love my mother who has borne me, both in a physical sense, but, more importantly, in a spiritual sense. I love the father who has taught me, not only to be a man, but to be a man of God, who is sanctified in all he does, thinks and says. Love my grandparents, mission prez, bishop, everyone, because you taught me. I thank those who always write me on pday, whose words I’ll always cherish, adore, love and honor. All is inspiration to the soul.

I want to thank the best for last. I love my savior. When alone, he comforts me. When tired, he strengthens me. When I am unworthy, he makes me whole. I’m nothing without him. I’m saved through my brother, who is the Christ. He paid for me, so I’ll spend the rest of eternity to save those like he saved me. I have to pack up and say good bye to all these sick and elect people and go out east. Love you tons and pray for each and every one of you. Praise to the man who speaks for our savior, with or without a black tag.

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018


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