Mother’s Day Poem


Mission Mom

This woman raised him, instilled the desire in his heart,

Taught him what’s right and what’s wrong,

Showed how to love those whom are apart,

And showed him all of the primary songs.


She struggled when he was moody, or crabby

She laughed when he tried to eat a whole cake,

She had joy when he was happy,

And cried when he made horrible mistakes.


This woman is praiseworthy, truly extraordinary,

Probably the true missionary then he is,

Her teachings and love is what he does carry,

Preaching in Kansas that Christ does live.


Though it’s cold in April and it snows at odd times,

Though he’s stuck in nowhere and it smells like poo,

He trucks forward, for to not love is a crime,

He’ll teach to the Kansan people that this church is true.


He cooks for himself, like his mother taught him,

He cleans his clothes, like his mother taught him,

He always follows through, like mama taught him,

He loves everyone, like his mother showed him,


He left a job, but he can always get a new job,

He left behind girls, but now isn’t the time,

He left behind his family, the one given to him by God,

But to give others that blessing is joy sublime.


Because I have been given much, I too must give,

Just like the sweet mother who showed me love,

Showed me humility, charity, patience and a new way to live,

And give back with appreciation to the God above,


He has a lot to make up for, the list is long

Scars of sins on him still remains,

But the true healing process has begun

And to feel the atonement wipe away his pains.


Mother, may I say a few words?

Christ bore my sins, carried me up, changed my heart; loves me no matter what.

Christ is best represented by you, who bears, carries me,

Changes my heart with the unending love you have for me.

I can say I have an unending love for you, no a thing I wouldn’t do for you.

What haven’t I already done for you? I have repented, I do you proud by serving our God and lead the other of your children to follow him.

I love you father who taught me all I need to be a real man.

Hug him for me, shed some tears that are flowing down my eyes, and say, “Your son honors and loves you for all you have done, to support my beloved mother and my siblings and he wears your name in pride.”

Hug all my siblings and whisper in their ear, “Tre loves you with all of his heart.”

Mom, have all of them hug you and say this with teary eyes, “There isn’t a thing on this earth that your boy wouldn’t give up right now to have you hug him right now. Not a thing he would keep to be able to hear you say, ‘I love you’.”

I love you with a fullness of my soul and heart and mind. Your son will never forget you.


Love you, mom!

Elder Candland

KWM 2016-201812729187_10208738392796739_1551325054180231369_n


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