He wants to do it!

So, sorry it’s kinda late, just been super busy and stressed.

Been having a hard week due to the lack of people to teach and support from the ward here. We have been working hard to grow closer to them so we can get their support. Without members, the work would fail. Been meeting with everyone and teaching and showing the importance of missionary work.


Also been on bikes…It is so fetching hot here! I hate humidity, so different from the dry heat of AZ.


Have some exciting news. We have been working with a super solid guy named Derek, who has been awesome. He can drive himself to church.


He shot us a text and said he wanted to talk to us about baptism. I freaked out and thought it was a bad thing. We called him and asked what he wanted to ask us about. He said “When can I do it?”


Catch is, he wants to do it in Garden, on the other side of the state. Prez said that is a no go. Also, he wants to be baptized when his girlfriend can see, who is a member. She can’t come on a normal Saturday, so we have been trying to set up a baptism for either tomorrow or Tuesday. It’s been super stressful.


The good news is, he came to the decision himself, and wants it.


That is the best thing we can give to converts, their agency and let them want to desire it. Been having a super awesome week, and excited to have another one.


Hi grandma Judy, glad you are with the family.

Also, make today the day the Lord works miracles through you, his servant.

Love ya, Mom, Dad, Reese, Maddie, Jane, etc.



Elder Candland

KWM 2016-2018


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