Manly Virtues

Tell grandma hi! The pic of Reese just explains a lot about him in the picture. I love the giant gloves on his hands, it might help him from biting them all the time. All he needs is a giant tool belt and it would describe Reeso perfectly.
Sounds like fun! The scout camp and girls camp. Tell Reese he should hurry and get his eagle so he can start driving. It stinks without it. Tell them to also to stop growing up! Feels weird and old to think of all the stuff happening at home.

Sorry for the bad letter on Memorial Day, was a pretty stressful day. Everybody left. Almost. I feel like some of the move arounds/transfers are a little pointless, but some are a real smart decision. Like having APs in training and training APs to help them out. About 30 missionaries go home and will leave the KWM a ghost town until mid or late summer. Kinda weird.

Learned how to play quidditch on Monday, a version of pool that is super fun. This week as been pretty nice. Our mission is really for working through the members instead of tracting. It’s a lot more effective than anything else. Also, we had the car last week. Not this week, which sucks, but, what can you do? Maybe I call up my AP dad and see if he can get us a full time car. It’s kinda nice to be the son of an AP. (Just FYI, when I say son, my trainer is my father and I am his son.)
Had some really cool lessons with our new investigator, Derek. He is way prepared. He has a lot of questions, and we are helping him partake of God’s many blessings.

About to go shopping soon.  Also, mom, I don’t know if you saw my email from 2 weeks ago, but I asked if it was possible for me to get a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. Since Elder Limb left, I can’t use his, and it’s hard for me to write emails now. My comp wants to get a USB for mission music and we are going to BestBuy. If it’s not a hassle, can I get a little bit of money for one? I don’t want you to think I’m not budgeting, but I don’t want to use my MSF for it. I want to save that for food and for emergencies.

Also, apparently many missionaries play the RPGs like the Star Wars game we got on our trip, Pathfinder, or D&D. We played a little bit with Elder Murdock, who out nerds me by a couple years, but he’s been transferred far away. I was wondering, I still have the PDFs for the Star Wars RPG and the Pathfinder RPG; can you email it to me? It’s on one of them hard drives, and in a folder called roleplaying stuff, I think.

Hey dad, it’s almost Father’s Day…too bad we don’t skype then. The Sivert’s sent me a letter this week. If you see them, tell them I loved it and the picture they sent is on our fridge. We should be having baptismos this week. I’ll have to let you know how it goes.
Also, they had a lesson in elders quorum up here that was super funny.
I took a pic of the beginning of it.

image1 (4)

image2 (2)

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018


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