Pullup bars and lunch

I love how everything is going well for the fam.

Hope ya’ll are doing well. I’m actually budgeting my moola, so I still have money.

Just had a week full of miracles. It’s super cool. Have a bunch of new investos.

Samuel—A homeless guy we met at a cemetery who can sense people’s energy (who came to church and some weird things to say about the people).
Kim—A lady who we met walking her kids (she has 9 boys).
Jeana—A lady (who is homeless) that we met at an investos house.
Shenesta and friend—Unfortunately who are on drugs.
Terry—He’s a convict.

It’s been super neat to see all the miracles the lord has done through us, but it’s been all Him all day. I can’t do diddley squat without Him.

Been keeping/getting in shape.

Elder Hawkes and I get along better than any comp I’ve ever had. He’s super fun and we just work well together. He’s from Cali, so I might give him my Cali shirt. We also cook a lot.

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018


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