Goodbye Sherwood

Goodbye Sherwood 😰☹️

It’s okay, I knew it was going to happen, and I’m excited for change (at least trying). A KWM 5th missionary loves change, embraces it. I’ll send the talk from the best mission in the world. It’s changed everything about me, because I know I need to change.

Been a sick week, Derek was baptized Thursday and confirmed on Sunday. There were also 4 other baptisms in the district, so it’s been a great harvest this week for the district. It could be better, but that is Elder Hawkes’ problem.


Found out today I’m getting transferred over to Wichita, Maize Ward. So, I’m leaving all my recent converts, like Derek, Chris, Jamie, Frankie and Nixon… I think I got all of them…I don’t know. Packing tonight, going to get as much work as I can.


Met a cool fam, the Chase fam. All of them are super interested, so the goal is to get them dunked so they can go through the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity.

My new comp is Elder Mortensen, just when I think Elder Hawkes was making a upward trek in his mission. I hope he kills it here in Sherwood. With his new trainee.

Heard everything is going bien, especially with scout camp. Good job, Reeso. Jane, heard ya killed it at girls’ camp, hope you didn’t run dad around too bad. Hope grandma doesn’t lose her marbles, that could be bad.

Also, going to eat all my food today, because I can’t take it with me. Had a sick hike at the governor’s mansion and a zone testimony in the woods. Made me super sad to leave, but the spirit touched my heart and comforted me. The spirit is the 3rd member of the God Head for a reason. He testifies of truth, comforts the sick, the afflicted and the downtrodden. He leads us, guides and warns of spiritual and physical danger. So why would you cut off that connection? If you can’t recognize it, it’s okay, you can learn how to through the scriptures, church attendance and temple visits. Prayer is the beginning and the end of the connection with the spirit, to truly wrestle with the Lord until your questions are answered. I’ll let you know what happens in Wichita. Keep me updated.

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018



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