Straight Outta Topeka!

It’s been a super good week in Wichita. Elder Mortenson, my new comp is awesome. We’ve been going HAMM. We went from 0 on date to 3 on date for baptism and they’re looking super solid for their dates.

Met Robert by trying to meet an old investigator, testified to him, and he showed up to church all by himself. He’s just gotten outta jail, so we hope he isn’t on parole.

Crystal was a potential the last Elder here met on exchanges. We talked to her, showed her “Because of Him” video and she is on date for the 23rd for baptism. Just need to get her to church.

Shawn is a little bit shaky, but we’ll make him more solid. He is the son of a less active and is going to ‘try’ to pray and read the BoM. Don’t try, do!

Got a lot of homies and need to put them on date. Otherwise, just going to try and rock it over here in Wichita. Sorry it’s pretty short today, but most of my p-day has been teaching and service, so it’s almost over and still got a lot to do.

Got an awesome gym by the apartment. It’s called Genesis.

Hope everything is perfect!

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018



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