I’m Serving With No Regrets

This week has been revelatory. It’s been a little bit tough, especially with Laura (Kaileigh’s Grandma) was in the hospital, so we couldn’t get the baptism to happen. Our new mission president has asked us to hold a companionship inventory on Sunday, Elder Mortensen and myself were obedient, so we started it. We addressed some much needed problems, and I’ve learned I need to change more than ever. I have let my pride control my life too long so now is the time to stop thinking about this idiot. We had a real cool talk and it was able to help us both grow.

Hey, Dad, guess what? I finally learned to type naturally! I am currently typing with my eyes closed and haven’t had any real big misspells. Now I can email when I need a nap. I couldn’t read, but it would be nice to relax a little bit. I’m thinking about taking a nap today. Now I’m emailing from my bed, so I hope I don’t fall asleep.

It’s been really hot the whole week, so I’ve probably sweated off a couple of pounds, I hope. The more and more I bike, the more and more I miss the non-humidity of AZ. It’s still fetching hot, but still… I know how to escape AZ heat. All of these Kansans are freaking crazy! They think that this isn’t even bad! They are like, “I wouldn’t want to live in Arizona, it’s far too hot.” I am just sitting there, thinking about how it never gets cool in Kansas, it constantly stays super freaking hot the whole day here. I woke up today, went outside, and had to gasp because the heat is super suppressive. But, I love it, because the lord Promises me that if I continue to serve, he will be with me. My comp says if I bike fast enough, it’s like AC.

It’s been a pretty interesting week. 2 days ago, we were biking to see a member, and a bunch of guys were sitting on the roof of the house next to his. One looked down at us and yelled. “Hey!” I stop and look up at this crazy dude. “I am smoking the devil’s Lettuce!” He cries down to us. I am pretty confused at this point so I fall back on my training Elder Limb showed me.

“Want a Picture of Jesus Christ?!” I called up to him.

“Sure!” He said, climbing down.

We are going to stop by today. I need to study on what the heck the Devil’s lettuce, but I’m pretty sure smoking in general is a big no no of the WoW.

Another story is that I went on exchanges to the Rolling Hills Elders area in our district. I need to get my bike off, and Elder Mortensen locked up the bikes, so I got the keys and put it on the bike rack and left with Elder LaMont. We drove over and chatted it up, then we got back to their apartment. I notice that my pocket seems unusually full. I check my pocket and I find the car keys to my areas car, and that Elder Mortensen must not have them. Elder LaMont checks the phone and says that we had 7 missed calls from our companions and there was a sticky note on the door from the member the elders live with. ‘Your partners need their keys.’

We drove back as fast as we can and gave them back. I’m pretty much the biggest idiot on the planet.

I finally got my driving privileges, so I’ve been driving all week!!!! I’ve missed driving so much.

Been working with some sick Homies this week, so pray for Donovan and Shawn Petty, because these two guys are on the precipice of becoming modern day pioneers (Because it’s Pioneer Day yesterday) and they have progressed so much. They just need to know change is good, and it helps us become God like. As members and as full time Missionaries, we should want change, to allow us to grow. Just like lifting weights if we use the same weight, we never get stronger. We need to add more, push ourselves, constantly learning and growing until it comes to the point that when the Lord calls upon you, you can leap out of your seat and cry unto him, saying, “I am ready, send me!”

Can I plead with you? If there is something that is pretty comfortable in your life, like living the gospel or doing your duties as a father, mother, husband, wife, brother, sister, Missionary, returned missionary, or just being a member of this glorious church, change it. WE grow when we are uncomfortable, and faith is built on the sweat and perseverance that is leaving the comfort zone, or even leaving the growth zone. There are 3 zones. 1st is our bubble of comfort. 2nd is where we stretch ourselves and grow. But the 3rd is a faith and miracle zone, where we fully rely on the atonement and Christ is the center of all things we do.



Elder Candland

KWM 2016-2018



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