I Need to get My Lock from Topeka

This week has been a hectic, with a lot of good news and miracles…others were trials from Satan. The most noticeable part of week where Satan was physically trying to harm me before we could see the people we needed to see so they can go to church was Saturday. I had to pee, and we were right by a Walgreens, and I assumed I would be fast. We run in, leaving our bikes in a spot where the cameras would be able to see them and in public, and we go in. 2 minutes later, as we were leaving, I stared at the place where my bike had been when I went in. My bike was stolen. We went back in and told them my bike was stolen and they went to the camera room and saw that the guy wasn’t the smartest child of God, since he rode my bike right towards the camera and we got great pictures of this guy. The police came and we filed a report for my bike. Hopefully, we’ll get it back. Luckily, we get the car for a couple of days.

We saw some sick miracles of the week; we were able to put 3 people on date as we were biking on Friday. Also met some cool people that the ward love to invite to come to ward activities and to sacrament. We had a member come to the home where we were teaching 2 of the 3 people on date and help them out, and he just saw us randomly and pulled over. Bro. Cashman pulled over and was able to help Dustin, the guy on date, with getting a phone and a job lined up. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to see home yet, but we are praying for them. We also met a drunk guy named Daniel, and he’s met with missionaries in the past. He was way out there, but has a desire for baptism in Christ’s name and church. Let’s hope he is still desiring it when he isn’t drunk. He also knows alcohol, smoking and drugs are wrong, but doesn’t know where lasting change is. The gospel to the rescue! We were also able to finally get a large print copy of the Book of Mormon. Our investigator, Mike, has a hard time seeing, and we’ve been searching and ordering one, but no one had one. Sunday morning, the Maize 1st sisters called us and told us they found one and we got it over to Mike. He was so excited and said he’s going to read it from beginning to end.

Been trying to say.

Even though parts of the week didn’t go the way I wanted it to go, it has been awesome, and I hope this week is better. We are still praying and seeking out the family of 4. I’ve noticed when it gets harder, it’s Satan’s way of saying, “Crap, they are close to finding that family, I need to make sure they don’t take one of the people I’ve ‘claimed’, God can’t have them.” That makes me want to work harder and find that family.

Hope this week is amazing, I’m stoked to see the miracles and to find that family this week!



Missionary Passover Week

This week has been crazy, and we are grateful that the Lord wants us to stay as companions. It meant a lot to me to hear I am doing a good job training. I remember when I first came out on my mission and I sincerely expected to be made district leader and a trainer right out of training, so I definitely needed to humble myself. My first companion really taught me to humble myself, and to pray for someone other than myself. Knowing that Christ simply wants me to be the best missionary, not the missionary who baptized the most or was called to be an Assistant to the President or who trained the most people, but if you rely on faith and give it 101% of your soul that you have to rely on Christ, then does God allow you to see through a fraction of what he sees.

We went and saw Robert, a guy who use to live across the hall and still lives in the same apartment complex as us and were able to resolve some of his concerns. President McCuistion sent me an email and rebuked me, telling me to go see him and resolve some concerns. We helped him move to his new apartment and he wasn’t super interested. That was the night of Jeremiah’s baptism, so we were also in a rush. President McCuistion stopped by later that night (which we were still cleaning up the church because of the baptism) and he got to talk to them and, from what Robert said, there was a lot of bragging on us from both sides. President McCuistion sent me a letter and told me, go visit them or get an ET (at least, in my mind it feels like that). So, we went off to see them asap. He had been out of town for the past couple weeks for work, so we were able to finally catch him Saturday and talk and teach him and his wife. He still has some concerns, and, instead of how I would have solved the problem when I first came out, I testified that the Holy Ghost testifies of truth and that is the way to know that what is taught is true. Instead of giving him an answer, we asked him to seek it out with the Lord’s help and we would help him along the path. He still isn’t sure about the church, but he is very open and we plan on see him this week on Thursday. Hopefully work won’t send him off out of state again.

Elder Goldsberry and I have had some bike issues, I had to buy 2 new tubes and he had to get a new one as well. I have been so bummed by the money I had to pay to fix it. I had to shell out $20 so I can go out and work.


Our recent converts, Jeremiah and Joe are doing good. Joe is looking to get the priesthood soon so he can baptize his daughter, and he is looking forward to the temple. Jeremiah is also wanting to get the priesthood, and he has set a date for his temple sealing next year. The only problem, is that Jenny, his wife, wants to do it at Nauvoo Temple in Illinois, so we are unsure if we will make it to that, or even be allowed to go to that. But he is super excited for the temple next year.

We found this super cool homie named Ty thanks to his LA homie we teach, who became a baller missionary. He just killed it and bore a sick testimony of the Book of Mormon. Spencer has been coming back to church, and his girlfriend is now investigating and she is on date for baptism on 22, so pray for her. However, he dropped off the face of the planet, so we finally just stopped by and he had lost his phone and super busy as his sales job. Talking to Ty and Spencer was like talking to some friends back home and we just exploded. Ty was telling us, I want to know more, do you guys have Mormon bible?

Spencer says, “a Book of Mormon? Yeah they do, and it’s the truest book you can read Ty.”

“Dude…” Ty took a Book of Mormon and we are seeing him on Friday.

Since transfers happened, it’s been a crazy week, but it’s going to crazier with all the miracles we are going to see! Also, me and my companion are praying for us to find a sweet family of four, a father who loves and will be active in the YM program, two boys YM age and a wonderful Mother who will support them in her husband’s calling and her sons progression in the program and the church.

Also, here are some pics. I got a haircut and it was free.

Milagros por Diaz……part 2

I absolutely love the time I get to listen to a prophet. I loved Elder Rasband’s talk “Never Forget Our Divine Heritage”. I especially like how we can apply this to missionary work. We should never forget the divine heritage of our investigators and recent converts and less active members. They are the rightful heirs of God’s blessings. Also, I like the comment Elder Nattress said. Even though he wasn’t listening to the message of the Book of Mormon, his mother was determined, thanks to the promise from the Lord, not to loose a single one. God is infinitely more determined not to lose a child of his divine heritage. He will work tirelessly until he reclaims any and all of his children. I had to think to myself, am I representing an eternal father and, with tears in my eyes, plead for them to accept the message? Because I know that is what he will be doing in the final judgement and every second before that time.


Transfers is here and I can’t believe. I’m always a bit nervous, but I know that the Lord knows best. I always pray Sunday morning before transfers, listening to the Mormon Tabernacle choir sing, I’ll go where you want me to go, and commit myself that, no matter what, I will love the assignment from the Lord. As I’ve felt before, comfort and peace absorbed me just like it did my 1st transfer when I was upset I was leaving my 1st trainer and going to a whole different area and trainer. I love this feeling. Also, I’m staying and finishing Elder Goldberry’s training, so, not leaving. Elder Gilliam, Assistant to the President, called me and freaked me out. He just asked me to take out a new missionary. The spirit has passed us over.

We’ve seen some cool miracles, a bunch of awesome investigators watched conference. They are still praying for a date, but one is for sure getting baptized on the 15th. Rosie is so solid. She watched conference when we couldn’t be there and loved all the talks.

I am so stoked for this week, and I am so stoked to have maize 2nd as my longest area!

Milagros por Diaz

This week has been awesome! Honestly, I’ll get the boring stuff out of the way and then talk about the sick Milagros we had. We’ve been hooked on chess, and I’ve only lost 2. Every other time, I’ve destroyed them. One time, I took an Elder’s queen on my 3rd move. I lost once to Elder Clifford, then destroyed him 3 times after that and then I lost to Bro Clark. Oh well, I’m having fun. Been sore since we don’t have a car, but we’ve had some sick miracles

We had made an MBC (Mutual Binding Commitment) last week, and the Lord provided for everyone. We promised on the Lord on Thursday that we would invite and put on date 5 people. At first we had only a little success until about 1. We saw some guy walking his dog and we stopped him and started to teach him. His name is Mike and he immediately accepted a date and we set up a return appointment for the next day, stressing the importance of baptism, daily contact, reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it and promising blessings.

Next, a couple of minutes later, we met Chad. He called us over and told us how he helped out Sister Anderson when she was hit by a car. He is praying about a date and we set up another appointment with a Book of Mormon for him to read.

Next we met Riley, and she accepted right away. She’s planning on meeting with us later today.

Later that week, we met Spencer  and he’s a LA member who wants to come back. He is so awesome, just the best. We invited him to church and set up a ride for him. Later, Sunday morning, I kneel down and prayed that all the people we set up for church would come. As soon as I said the prayer, we got a call from Rosie. She is Spencer’s girlfriend, and she wanted a ride to church as well, and she was put on date right before sacrament. Also, Brother Fawson’s non member wife came to church and she is praying about the 15th,  and reading the Book of Mormon. We set up a return appointment on Wednesday. The Lord truly provides, and this was all fueled by faith.

Act on faith, and you shall receive.

My testimony is that God is our father and Christ lives, not lived. He reaches out, not he reached out. I know the gospel of Christ is the ONLY way to God. We like to pretend that if someone is in a religion, they will be okay. No, this is good, but not enough. They can have joy NOW, and you can be the bridge for them to get back to God.

I love you, my brothers, and don’t you dare give in. The devil will tempt you, he wants you to think it is hopeless, but I pray for you to know. The atonement is not a neat little souvenir to be placed on our shelf and be admired from time to time.

IT IS A TOOL, ONE THAT CAN BE USED EVERY HOUR OF EVERYDAY TO CHANGE YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE, A WILLING SACRIFICE TO PAY FOR SIN!!! Christ makes all the difference and you can have celestial glory. You don’t need to repay him, just find happiness in this life and be worthy of celestial glory and bodies will be payment enough for him.


Yes, Wichita did flood, and I destroyed our car… that’s what happened, and I’m still pretty upset at myself. I’ve had so much to do with it last Monday I couldn’t write anyone.
We did baptize! Elder GOLDSBERRY’s 1st baptism! Wooooooo!
Jeremiah was dunked! We are so happy to have finally seen this day!
This week has been a growing, since we still don’t have a car. Frowny face
We’ve been biking for over a week and have been kinda a burden on our zone, since we need to bike everywhere. Kinda stinketh. But, it was worth it to see someone you love enter into the waters of baptism, it is so worth it. I freaking love Jeremiah.
I’m really not sure what to share, except maybe a funny story on Friday. Apparently, I wasn’t feeling good and I was really loopy. Our zone leader called us and tested me on how sick I was.
“How many bananas grow on a grape tree?” He asked, and yes, the wording is correct.
 A normal person says, “because it’s a grape tree.” The correct answer is, “because there is a grape vine, but not a grape tree.”
I said because it’s not in season.
I really don’t remember much until it was close to dinner. I don’t know how much of the stories are true, but whenever I talked to somebody and shared the gospel, I have a perfect remembrance of it and felt the spirit. Before and after the experience, no memory. I’m back to normal, I assume so, but Satan did not want me to baptize or be well for Jeremiah’s baptism. I was subbed in and got to baptize him myself and it was a sweet experience, where I got to be right by his side during this experience. Since this week was stake conference, I got to see President McCuistion speak. He shared his conversion story, but I need to to finish writing it out, so I will send it in a little bit.

That Guy is Dead!

I’ve been so stressed out this week, but it’s so nice to be able to look back and see the results. Elder Goldsberry is becoming a great teacher, a powerful tool in the Lord’s hand. I absolutely love serving with him here, and to see the savior change his mission experience. Our car got flooded and so me and Elder Lamont had to punch our car up. Other cars got flooded. We became super heroes and freaking pushed them out to the flooded streets. Afterwards, we gave them Book of Mormons to read and pray about it.
We should be having a baptism this Saturday after stake conference for Jeremiah Daffron, who has been investigating for over a year, and is finally committed to baptism. We went to his wedding it made me so stoked for his baptism. He is so ready for this. He has struggled with knowing, but he knows that this is the restored gospel and the church of God. He just got married, so, hopefully, I can send some pictures of it from the ceremony. It had some really good food.
We have been going hard with member referrals and have been challenging them to share the Book of Mormon  with less actives and non Mormon people. We have already seen success, a lot of members tells us excitedly about their friends taking a Book of Mormon and committing to read it. Just like the promise in doctrine and covenants section 31, the Lord promises to opens hearts and give us the words.
Also, here is a funny video of me dealing with my prideful greenie, when we were role-playing. He thought I chose a hard investigator, and I rebuked him for his lack of faith and clinging to his old life.


September 5, 2016

This week has been hard, but rewarding. Really, I feel like I’ve grown, but more importantly, Elder Goldsberry has grown a ton. I’ve been talking about when hard times come, even when we do all we can to be obedient and to do all we can, it means the Lord is testing us before we see great miracles. Even when it is hard, expect there to be a great miracle, like a golden investigator. I’ve taken for granted all the amazing people I have taught in Topeka and Goodland, and how undeserving I feel. Those precious where lead to me, and I am honored to be the vessel the Lord wished to work through. The more and more I realize how much God puts into his work, the more and more I take Elder Hartman Rector’s words to heart:
‘When the  Lord  said,  “Lengthen  your  stride,  quicken  your  pace,  heighten  your reach,  widen  your  vision,  and  stretch  your  capacity,”  he  was  in  reality  saying “expect  a  miracle,”  for  these  are  the  stuff  from  which  miracles  are  made.’
I love this quote, because I know that I see more miracles, because they happen all the time, but when we expect them, we actually see all of the miracles God promised, instead of them flying over my head. We’ve been giving members of our ward a Book of Mormon to give to a friend so we can find more, and the main message we want them to get is, “You too can have a miracles like us.”
We have found so many potential investigators, and Jeremiah should be baptized on the 17th of September. I’m so stoked, he’s been investigating for almost a year, and this is the point he commits to the gospel!!
Hope this week is amazing, because I expect that this will be the best week for us.