Milagros por Diaz……part 2

I absolutely love the time I get to listen to a prophet. I loved Elder Rasband’s talk “Never Forget Our Divine Heritage”. I especially like how we can apply this to missionary work. We should never forget the divine heritage of our investigators and recent converts and less active members. They are the rightful heirs of God’s blessings. Also, I like the comment Elder Nattress said. Even though he wasn’t listening to the message of the Book of Mormon, his mother was determined, thanks to the promise from the Lord, not to loose a single one. God is infinitely more determined not to lose a child of his divine heritage. He will work tirelessly until he reclaims any and all of his children. I had to think to myself, am I representing an eternal father and, with tears in my eyes, plead for them to accept the message? Because I know that is what he will be doing in the final judgement and every second before that time.


Transfers is here and I can’t believe. I’m always a bit nervous, but I know that the Lord knows best. I always pray Sunday morning before transfers, listening to the Mormon Tabernacle choir sing, I’ll go where you want me to go, and commit myself that, no matter what, I will love the assignment from the Lord. As I’ve felt before, comfort and peace absorbed me just like it did my 1st transfer when I was upset I was leaving my 1st trainer and going to a whole different area and trainer. I love this feeling. Also, I’m staying and finishing Elder Goldberry’s training, so, not leaving. Elder Gilliam, Assistant to the President, called me and freaked me out. He just asked me to take out a new missionary. The spirit has passed us over.

We’ve seen some cool miracles, a bunch of awesome investigators watched conference. They are still praying for a date, but one is for sure getting baptized on the 15th. Rosie is so solid. She watched conference when we couldn’t be there and loved all the talks.

I am so stoked for this week, and I am so stoked to have maize 2nd as my longest area!


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