Milagros por Diaz

This week has been awesome! Honestly, I’ll get the boring stuff out of the way and then talk about the sick Milagros we had. We’ve been hooked on chess, and I’ve only lost 2. Every other time, I’ve destroyed them. One time, I took an Elder’s queen on my 3rd move. I lost once to Elder Clifford, then destroyed him 3 times after that and then I lost to Bro Clark. Oh well, I’m having fun. Been sore since we don’t have a car, but we’ve had some sick miracles

We had made an MBC (Mutual Binding Commitment) last week, and the Lord provided for everyone. We promised on the Lord on Thursday that we would invite and put on date 5 people. At first we had only a little success until about 1. We saw some guy walking his dog and we stopped him and started to teach him. His name is Mike and he immediately accepted a date and we set up a return appointment for the next day, stressing the importance of baptism, daily contact, reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it and promising blessings.

Next, a couple of minutes later, we met Chad. He called us over and told us how he helped out Sister Anderson when she was hit by a car. He is praying about a date and we set up another appointment with a Book of Mormon for him to read.

Next we met Riley, and she accepted right away. She’s planning on meeting with us later today.

Later that week, we met Spencer  and he’s a LA member who wants to come back. He is so awesome, just the best. We invited him to church and set up a ride for him. Later, Sunday morning, I kneel down and prayed that all the people we set up for church would come. As soon as I said the prayer, we got a call from Rosie. She is Spencer’s girlfriend, and she wanted a ride to church as well, and she was put on date right before sacrament. Also, Brother Fawson’s non member wife came to church and she is praying about the 15th,  and reading the Book of Mormon. We set up a return appointment on Wednesday. The Lord truly provides, and this was all fueled by faith.

Act on faith, and you shall receive.

My testimony is that God is our father and Christ lives, not lived. He reaches out, not he reached out. I know the gospel of Christ is the ONLY way to God. We like to pretend that if someone is in a religion, they will be okay. No, this is good, but not enough. They can have joy NOW, and you can be the bridge for them to get back to God.

I love you, my brothers, and don’t you dare give in. The devil will tempt you, he wants you to think it is hopeless, but I pray for you to know. The atonement is not a neat little souvenir to be placed on our shelf and be admired from time to time.

IT IS A TOOL, ONE THAT CAN BE USED EVERY HOUR OF EVERYDAY TO CHANGE YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE, A WILLING SACRIFICE TO PAY FOR SIN!!! Christ makes all the difference and you can have celestial glory. You don’t need to repay him, just find happiness in this life and be worthy of celestial glory and bodies will be payment enough for him.


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