September 5, 2016

This week has been hard, but rewarding. Really, I feel like I’ve grown, but more importantly, Elder Goldsberry has grown a ton. I’ve been talking about when hard times come, even when we do all we can to be obedient and to do all we can, it means the Lord is testing us before we see great miracles. Even when it is hard, expect there to be a great miracle, like a golden investigator. I’ve taken for granted all the amazing people I have taught in Topeka and Goodland, and how undeserving I feel. Those precious where lead to me, and I am honored to be the vessel the Lord wished to work through. The more and more I realize how much God puts into his work, the more and more I take Elder Hartman Rector’s words to heart:
‘When the  Lord  said,  “Lengthen  your  stride,  quicken  your  pace,  heighten  your reach,  widen  your  vision,  and  stretch  your  capacity,”  he  was  in  reality  saying “expect  a  miracle,”  for  these  are  the  stuff  from  which  miracles  are  made.’
I love this quote, because I know that I see more miracles, because they happen all the time, but when we expect them, we actually see all of the miracles God promised, instead of them flying over my head. We’ve been giving members of our ward a Book of Mormon to give to a friend so we can find more, and the main message we want them to get is, “You too can have a miracles like us.”
We have found so many potential investigators, and Jeremiah should be baptized on the 17th of September. I’m so stoked, he’s been investigating for almost a year, and this is the point he commits to the gospel!!
Hope this week is amazing, because I expect that this will be the best week for us.

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