Missionary Passover Week

This week has been crazy, and we are grateful that the Lord wants us to stay as companions. It meant a lot to me to hear I am doing a good job training. I remember when I first came out on my mission and I sincerely expected to be made district leader and a trainer right out of training, so I definitely needed to humble myself. My first companion really taught me to humble myself, and to pray for someone other than myself. Knowing that Christ simply wants me to be the best missionary, not the missionary who baptized the most or was called to be an Assistant to the President or who trained the most people, but if you rely on faith and give it 101% of your soul that you have to rely on Christ, then does God allow you to see through a fraction of what he sees.

We went and saw Robert, a guy who use to live across the hall and still lives in the same apartment complex as us and were able to resolve some of his concerns. President McCuistion sent me an email and rebuked me, telling me to go see him and resolve some concerns. We helped him move to his new apartment and he wasn’t super interested. That was the night of Jeremiah’s baptism, so we were also in a rush. President McCuistion stopped by later that night (which we were still cleaning up the church because of the baptism) and he got to talk to them and, from what Robert said, there was a lot of bragging on us from both sides. President McCuistion sent me a letter and told me, go visit them or get an ET (at least, in my mind it feels like that). So, we went off to see them asap. He had been out of town for the past couple weeks for work, so we were able to finally catch him Saturday and talk and teach him and his wife. He still has some concerns, and, instead of how I would have solved the problem when I first came out, I testified that the Holy Ghost testifies of truth and that is the way to know that what is taught is true. Instead of giving him an answer, we asked him to seek it out with the Lord’s help and we would help him along the path. He still isn’t sure about the church, but he is very open and we plan on see him this week on Thursday. Hopefully work won’t send him off out of state again.

Elder Goldsberry and I have had some bike issues, I had to buy 2 new tubes and he had to get a new one as well. I have been so bummed by the money I had to pay to fix it. I had to shell out $20 so I can go out and work.


Our recent converts, Jeremiah and Joe are doing good. Joe is looking to get the priesthood soon so he can baptize his daughter, and he is looking forward to the temple. Jeremiah is also wanting to get the priesthood, and he has set a date for his temple sealing next year. The only problem, is that Jenny, his wife, wants to do it at Nauvoo Temple in Illinois, so we are unsure if we will make it to that, or even be allowed to go to that. But he is super excited for the temple next year.

We found this super cool homie named Ty thanks to his LA homie we teach, who became a baller missionary. He just killed it and bore a sick testimony of the Book of Mormon. Spencer has been coming back to church, and his girlfriend is now investigating and she is on date for baptism on 22, so pray for her. However, he dropped off the face of the planet, so we finally just stopped by and he had lost his phone and super busy as his sales job. Talking to Ty and Spencer was like talking to some friends back home and we just exploded. Ty was telling us, I want to know more, do you guys have Mormon bible?

Spencer says, “a Book of Mormon? Yeah they do, and it’s the truest book you can read Ty.”

“Dude…” Ty took a Book of Mormon and we are seeing him on Friday.

Since transfers happened, it’s been a crazy week, but it’s going to crazier with all the miracles we are going to see! Also, me and my companion are praying for us to find a sweet family of four, a father who loves and will be active in the YM program, two boys YM age and a wonderful Mother who will support them in her husband’s calling and her sons progression in the program and the church.

Also, here are some pics. I got a haircut and it was free.


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