Yes, Wichita did flood, and I destroyed our car… that’s what happened, and I’m still pretty upset at myself. I’ve had so much to do with it last Monday I couldn’t write anyone.
We did baptize! Elder GOLDSBERRY’s 1st baptism! Wooooooo!
Jeremiah was dunked! We are so happy to have finally seen this day!
This week has been a growing, since we still don’t have a car. Frowny face
We’ve been biking for over a week and have been kinda a burden on our zone, since we need to bike everywhere. Kinda stinketh. But, it was worth it to see someone you love enter into the waters of baptism, it is so worth it. I freaking love Jeremiah.
I’m really not sure what to share, except maybe a funny story on Friday. Apparently, I wasn’t feeling good and I was really loopy. Our zone leader called us and tested me on how sick I was.
“How many bananas grow on a grape tree?” He asked, and yes, the wording is correct.
 A normal person says, “because it’s a grape tree.” The correct answer is, “because there is a grape vine, but not a grape tree.”
I said because it’s not in season.
I really don’t remember much until it was close to dinner. I don’t know how much of the stories are true, but whenever I talked to somebody and shared the gospel, I have a perfect remembrance of it and felt the spirit. Before and after the experience, no memory. I’m back to normal, I assume so, but Satan did not want me to baptize or be well for Jeremiah’s baptism. I was subbed in and got to baptize him myself and it was a sweet experience, where I got to be right by his side during this experience. Since this week was stake conference, I got to see President McCuistion speak. He shared his conversion story, but I need to to finish writing it out, so I will send it in a little bit.

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