elder-candland <—Training letter from Mission President

It’s been an awesome week, and also really humbling. To think I am training. I never thought I would be called to do that. I am honored to help Elder Goldsberry become a great missionary. I’ve been trying hard to make sure he is having super powerful and spiritual lessons, so he can know they don’t only happen when you are 12 months out. They happen now.
I’ve begun to teach the 2nd week to him and show him  “How to Begin Teaching.” I’ve realized why we role play. At the end of our comp inventory, Elder Goldsberry says that helped a lot to role play. It’s helped me, and he thinks I’m a veteran. Not really, but it’s cool to pretend.
I’ve been studying Alma this week, and I’ve noticed a lot about the resurrection, especially in the 12th chapter. But something I noticed in that chapter is that Alma tells the people that Christ won’t save them. Well, not in the sense they want. The way Christ saves us is through faith and denying ourselves of all uncleanliness and ungodliness. We can’t expect him to force us to be saved. We will all be resurrected, but few will be saved from their sins, and it will be those who follow Christ. Also, in chapter 14, it talks about the wives and children of the believers being burned alive. Alma told that what the wicked people did here would stand as a testament of their wickedness. I thought of their testament of love for the savior and how I want to have my witness to stand for the eternities.
As a side note………here is a video of my nonsatisfaction

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