White tie, worn leather and a Goldsberry

So, it’s transfers week. I’m not leaving. Good news. Even better news, not the district leader. The not so good news. I’m training Elder Goldsberry. I feel sorry for the guy; it’s going to be a rough 12 weeks. Apparently, he is from Utah, and that’s all I know. It’s going to be cool to meet him on Wednesday.
So, Joe was baptized! It was amazing. He’s so solid, and him and his member wife are getting back together. Temple sealing!!! I am so going to that. President McCuistion was the one who interviewed him and came to it on Saturday, and he came up to me and said I look great in white, so I hope we continue to see success.


We have Jeremiah for the 17th of September, so we are so stoked to see him enter into the waters. Just got to wait for him to get married.
Been pretty hectic, but while I was at a dinner, a member told us to wait while he got me something. He brought up these old set of scriptures. He explained that a missionary gave it to him, and that he was giving them to me. It was a tradition, to pass this set of scriptures to another missionary. This has been all over the world, and was even in South Africa with brother Vega on his mission.
I’ve been studying a talk by Elder Holland called ‘The Inconvenient Messiah’, talking about how we should react to temptation and how the savior wants us to. I’ve learned that it’s not easy to do the right thing, and it’s hard to give into the easy road. I’m hungry, I’m tired. Why can’t it be easy? Why isn’t the only worry about getting pneumonia from being so wet from being in the fount all day?
Like Elder Holland said, in another talk, it’s because we must know that salvation is not a cheap experience. We must, only a little bit, walk a path similar to the savior’s. Not in such a scale, or in a dramatic sense. That’s sacrilegious. But we must weep some of those tears and feel that pain for us to love him more than anything and give all, to give God everything we hold and our will, to feel the utmost joy.
I want to say, pray on and act in faith, and the lord will reward you.



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