I Need to get My Lock from Topeka

This week has been a hectic, with a lot of good news and miracles…others were trials from Satan. The most noticeable part of week where Satan was physically trying to harm me before we could see the people we needed to see so they can go to church was Saturday. I had to pee, and we were right by a Walgreens, and I assumed I would be fast. We run in, leaving our bikes in a spot where the cameras would be able to see them and in public, and we go in. 2 minutes later, as we were leaving, I stared at the place where my bike had been when I went in. My bike was stolen. We went back in and told them my bike was stolen and they went to the camera room and saw that the guy wasn’t the smartest child of God, since he rode my bike right towards the camera and we got great pictures of this guy. The police came and we filed a report for my bike. Hopefully, we’ll get it back. Luckily, we get the car for a couple of days.

We saw some sick miracles of the week; we were able to put 3 people on date as we were biking on Friday. Also met some cool people that the ward love to invite to come to ward activities and to sacrament. We had a member come to the home where we were teaching 2 of the 3 people on date and help them out, and he just saw us randomly and pulled over. Bro. Cashman pulled over and was able to help Dustin, the guy on date, with getting a phone and a job lined up. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to see home yet, but we are praying for them. We also met a drunk guy named Daniel, and he’s met with missionaries in the past. He was way out there, but has a desire for baptism in Christ’s name and church. Let’s hope he is still desiring it when he isn’t drunk. He also knows alcohol, smoking and drugs are wrong, but doesn’t know where lasting change is. The gospel to the rescue! We were also able to finally get a large print copy of the Book of Mormon. Our investigator, Mike, has a hard time seeing, and we’ve been searching and ordering one, but no one had one. Sunday morning, the Maize 1st sisters called us and told us they found one and we got it over to Mike. He was so excited and said he’s going to read it from beginning to end.

Been trying to say.

Even though parts of the week didn’t go the way I wanted it to go, it has been awesome, and I hope this week is better. We are still praying and seeking out the family of 4. I’ve noticed when it gets harder, it’s Satan’s way of saying, “Crap, they are close to finding that family, I need to make sure they don’t take one of the people I’ve ‘claimed’, God can’t have them.” That makes me want to work harder and find that family.

Hope this week is amazing, I’m stoked to see the miracles and to find that family this week!



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