Cabin Fever III: A Marvelous Work and a Cough Drop


This has been a miracle.

Simple as that, I had nothing to do with this week except to have been graced by the power of God. Kayleigh Cooper is the grand child of a recent convert named Laura Repass, and has been begging for baptism for over a year. She has been denied this by her anti aunt and her mom. Her mom isn’t anti, but she wanted to be there for the baptism, which I understand, but she would never prioritize it and it would always fall through. Finally, we got an answer from the Lord and we committed to baptize Kayleigh before transfers. We worked hard and it felt inadequate, but I knew we put forth our best work.

Saturday morning, it looked hopeless, in fact, I felt like I had failed. I don’t care about an artificial number, but I felt like I failed the Lord, and I failed a soul who yearns for baptism. Heart wrenching pain etched my soul until during our personal study that Laura called us. She told us she got permission for the baptism to commence even if the mom couldn’t be there and that we would do it today. We freaked out, to say the least. We rushed around and we set up the baptism to happen at 2 pm.  Kayleigh entered into the waters of conversion and miracles and an eternity of joy. We are still in shock, because I doubted the Lord could work in these kinds miracles, and he provided. The Lord does provide, and binding us to the Lord, doesn’t inhibit us, but magnifies us. Elder Goldsberry baptized and we were able to see the Lord do a marvelous work and a wonder.


Transfers are here. I always get nervous, but it’s a good nervous, because I always have this end of the transfer prayer and commit myself to go and do, no matter what happens. At the beginning of my mission, I would hold it against the Lord for moving me, but I always learned that the new area was where I was needed to be, and I couldn’t do better by myself. It feels like yesterday I was in training and now Elder Goldsberry is now done and he’s telling me how old I am. I told him that this is the best work and told him I’ll serve until they drag me off the plane kicking and screaming. I love this mission and the mission the Lord gave me to want to leave it. So, I’m excited.

I told Elder Goldsberry that we have to leave the area better than we found it, so we are planning on putting more people on date, so if one of us leave it’s left better for the new missionary going, “great, time to start from scratch.”

Nothing is more infuriating than getting transferred and arriving to your new area with no one being progressed to baptism. It inhibits our work and takes a couple of weeks to get the ball rolling.

So, drum please, because transfers is this week….

I’m being transferred to Lawrence 2nd Ward. Whooooo!

I’m so pumped, my new comp’s name is Elder Colton, and he knows one of my past comps, Elder Hawkes, who is also in the same district as me. Going to go on exchanges with that fool all the time. I freaking stoked. But I guess I’ve got to pack a lot of stuff and leave my recent converts here, and the awesome members. I’m sad to leave, but I want to serve my all, and this is going to be great.

I’ve learned the Lord hears prayers and he isn’t silent. He will listen to you when you try to be as worthy as possible and bind yourself to him. There is this song I’m listening to called Through All of It, and it talks about no matter what is happening, God hears and is anxiously engaged.

I’m want nothing but to bind myself to the Lord.


Elders Over for Dinner

Hello, our family had your son and the other elders over for dinner tonight. When I offered to email their moms and send some pictures, they were super excited! Enjoy the smiles.

Sister Marcie Clark



Cabin Fever part II: Return of the Fever

This week has been eye opening. We dedicated our area on Tuesday and we both bound ourselves to the Lord to put forth all of our effort. I know I need to change, and the Lord promised us as we dedicated our area he would help us become better disciples. In fact, we are acting in faith for this weekend and we are going to make a baptism happen. The Lord has provided a name and we are going to do all we can to see Kayleigh Cooper enter into the fount. She’s been green for baptism, but her mom isn’t super committed and her aunt is anti. We’ve tried teaching, but I told her that the church will help her daughter become the best person she could be. That the church teaches what you told us to share with parents. That it helps children become morally clean, clean of alcohol and drugs and body pollutants, and that this is what a parent should want for her child. We are still waiting to see when we are going to do it, we have everything set up to go, but we just want Kayleigh’s mom to be there, because she wants to be there, plus, it will help her come to the church. That would bless the grandma, Laura Repass, who is a recent convert in the ward. I don’t want to see her baptism to be pushed off any longer, it was inexcusable how long she’s been waiting for baptism, and she wants it. We have the baptismal form already filled out and have parents signature, but we don’t want to go behind her back, we just want her to commit to be there and let us insulate her so nothing stops her. We are going to make more MBCs and are going to do a companionship fast for Kayleigh.

So, I did get sick on Saturday. ☹️

Elder Goldsberry is from Ogden, Utah, plays lacrosse and now plays magic (you are welcome), 5th of 7 kids, and wants to be an accountant. The ward is super cool, in such small boundaries. We are fed all the time, which is nice. There are some funny people here, but I’ll send the quotes later.

I finally got a replacement bike and will be picking it up, but the lord has worked through us because we were walking. If we were biking, we would have missed some miracles. Yesterday, we got an intersection on 13th and McLean, and this car stalled. We were prompted and we dashed across and pushed them over to a parking lot. There, we helped their car, which had overheated, and we gave them a Book of Mormon and asked them to pray about the 27th, and they agreed, still in shock because of our service. I told them that Christ would do it, and that is the message that Book shares, that is, to be more like Christ.

I’ve been loving reading the Book of Mormon the mission is doing together. Although, I am a bit behind, I’m committed to get caught up by tonight. Besides, I’ve been loving reading the Book of Mormon, so it’s the best p-day activity I could do. Something I’ve learned that is that the Book of Mormon is teaching us only by commandment of God. All of the prophets didn’t have any plans to record all of this, but God commanded them, to help their people and our people today. Anyone who says that we are adding to the word of God, I want to show them 1 Nephi 19:3 & 6, telling them, lovingly bold, that we didn’t add it, but God did through his prophets, and only sacred things reside in this book. We have some people who don’t understand, but I hope that the spirit can touch their hearts and they’ll act upon Alma’s words and experiment and see if it is good.

I’m excited to have a baptism, and I know the Lord will provide.


Cabin Fever


This week has been an interesting and stressful week. First off, Friday night I got sick and I’ve been sick since. Still got a sore throat, runny nose and so on. I have never been more upset about being sick since coming out on my mission. I’m literally on the Lord’s time, and I’m not supposed to go out and work! I find some hope in this, since that will mean when I get better,I will work until I pass out. But, until then, which I hope is tomorrow, I will work on getting better.

I realize more and more that Elder Goldsberry is becoming a more powerful missionary everyday, who is very humble and loves this work. I’m more thankful for him to be my companion than at anytime. He just wants to teach and baptize so hard that it makes me even more dedicated and centered towards Christ. I’ve also been blessed by the mission Book of Mormon reading, and I’ll start reading and I’ll see things I thought I read a thousand times, but something new and exciting pops out to me and humbles me to realize I’m still learning. I’ll pick up the book, put it down from reading and realize that 30 minutes have passed. I’m shocked to see how much you can spend on the gospel. I feel like I could spend any day and everyday studying this amazing gospel and still have plenty to study. I wonder why I never wanted to study this at home, but I’m going to fix that.

We are still in search of that family of four and we’ve found a real good solid family that could be it, except that there is 6 instead of 4. We got the referral on Saturday, the day I was stuck inside sick. I was so mad, I wanted to see this family and put them on date for baptism, so I committed that we would see them on Sunday. I was sick Sunday, and I’m still sick, so tomorrow, no excuses. We’ll have the car, so even if I’m not supposed to, I’m not going to waste the Lord’s time. I’m just glad I got my flu shot so it’s not as bad as it could be. Elder Goldsberry and myself are committed to find this family before the transfer is over, and we are separated. I want, if I am the one leaving, to leave this area with as many solid investigators on date as possible. I’ve gone into many an area and there wasn’t a single person on date and I want to change that. At least three, but as many as possible. Either way, I’m going to make it easier on the Lord’s servants by making it simple to know who’s progressing and who’s not.

I’m pretty stoked that everyone is doing well, and that things are holding up back home. Y’all are stellar missionaries in your own way! And I hope to hear some more of the awesome stuff going on back home.

All I need is you, Lord

This has been an interesting and a faith a building week. At first, no one this week wanted to talk to us about the gospel and it became pretty discouraging. We have been walking since I don’t have a bike, and we’ve met some awesome children of God who are prepared to hear the word of God, but there has been a lot of persecution and slander from people on the street.

I’ve been fighting a slowly sinking feeling of despair, the first time I’ve ever actually had it on my mission. It’s been hard, but it’s never gotten me as bad as it had this week. I’m not going to lie, it’s been rough. Sunday comes along and I feel like I want to say a pray with Elder Goldsberry so we can find this family of four we’ve been praying about for 3 weeks. Every day since we started, I’ve been expecting that this is the night. That night, I told the Lord that we are going to do whatever it takes, even driving to a random house and knocking on the door until someone answers. We prayed and I told Elder Goldsberry to listen to the spirit, and whoever he feels is someone we need to see, let’s see them. He gave two names after we prayed that weren’t close to the family of four, but I knew that the spirit must have been speaking to him. We drove to Victor’s house, and for the first time ever, we met him and we set up a return appointment for tomorrow. He works for the church by mowing lawns and he’s pretty interested in the church, and he was wondering about if we could go to a Christian concert with him. I told I wasn’t sure, but that we can learn a lot from other churches, but this is the only church with the authority of God.

Next we tried Dillion and Ashley, another couple that we had very little success in seeing, but, the Lord is preparing people, and they were there. We taught them about eternal marriage and families, testified of it and the Book of Mormon and got them to commit to read it. I asked them if missionaries in the past gave them a copy, and they said no, and we gave them a copy and they seem to love the fact that God brought to pass, not man.

We tried more people, and less success until it came down to 6 before we had to turn in. I felt Satan tempt me to turn the car right and go back to the apartment, but the spirit urged me to go through the light, I followed the spirit and made a left, right and stopped the car in front of the house. I knew God wanted us to knock on this door. I hopped out with Elder Goldsberry and before we could even knock, this woman opened the door. We began our message, but she said she wasn’t interested, or “we are good where we are at.”

As I was walking back, instead of disappointment, I felt God’s approval. “I need you to go, when I tell you, and with all energy of heart. Prove yourself, and you shall receive your miracle.”

I know God wants to see if we will do what we are told so he can trust us with miracles, and I need to not let Satan stop us. I feel better after last night and it really built my testimony of the spirit, and I can thank my father in heaven for the instruction I have received in this gospel. Thanks also to our Zone Leaders and District Leader and you, Mom and Dad, for breaking the barrier between dreams and miracles. Anyone that uses their faith as a tool instead of a souvenir is a servant of God, and I need to make sure I fully realized this.

I know we’ll find this family this


Elder Candland

KWM 2016-2018