Cabin Fever III: A Marvelous Work and a Cough Drop


This has been a miracle.

Simple as that, I had nothing to do with this week except to have been graced by the power of God. Kayleigh Cooper is the grand child of a recent convert named Laura Repass, and has been begging for baptism for over a year. She has been denied this by her anti aunt and her mom. Her mom isn’t anti, but she wanted to be there for the baptism, which I understand, but she would never prioritize it and it would always fall through. Finally, we got an answer from the Lord and we committed to baptize Kayleigh before transfers. We worked hard and it felt inadequate, but I knew we put forth our best work.

Saturday morning, it looked hopeless, in fact, I felt like I had failed. I don’t care about an artificial number, but I felt like I failed the Lord, and I failed a soul who yearns for baptism. Heart wrenching pain etched my soul until during our personal study that Laura called us. She told us she got permission for the baptism to commence even if the mom couldn’t be there and that we would do it today. We freaked out, to say the least. We rushed around and we set up the baptism to happen at 2 pm.  Kayleigh entered into the waters of conversion and miracles and an eternity of joy. We are still in shock, because I doubted the Lord could work in these kinds miracles, and he provided. The Lord does provide, and binding us to the Lord, doesn’t inhibit us, but magnifies us. Elder Goldsberry baptized and we were able to see the Lord do a marvelous work and a wonder.


Transfers are here. I always get nervous, but it’s a good nervous, because I always have this end of the transfer prayer and commit myself to go and do, no matter what happens. At the beginning of my mission, I would hold it against the Lord for moving me, but I always learned that the new area was where I was needed to be, and I couldn’t do better by myself. It feels like yesterday I was in training and now Elder Goldsberry is now done and he’s telling me how old I am. I told him that this is the best work and told him I’ll serve until they drag me off the plane kicking and screaming. I love this mission and the mission the Lord gave me to want to leave it. So, I’m excited.

I told Elder Goldsberry that we have to leave the area better than we found it, so we are planning on putting more people on date, so if one of us leave it’s left better for the new missionary going, “great, time to start from scratch.”

Nothing is more infuriating than getting transferred and arriving to your new area with no one being progressed to baptism. It inhibits our work and takes a couple of weeks to get the ball rolling.

So, drum please, because transfers is this week….

I’m being transferred to Lawrence 2nd Ward. Whooooo!

I’m so pumped, my new comp’s name is Elder Colton, and he knows one of my past comps, Elder Hawkes, who is also in the same district as me. Going to go on exchanges with that fool all the time. I freaking stoked. But I guess I’ve got to pack a lot of stuff and leave my recent converts here, and the awesome members. I’m sad to leave, but I want to serve my all, and this is going to be great.

I’ve learned the Lord hears prayers and he isn’t silent. He will listen to you when you try to be as worthy as possible and bind yourself to him. There is this song I’m listening to called Through All of It, and it talks about no matter what is happening, God hears and is anxiously engaged.

I’m want nothing but to bind myself to the Lord.


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