Cabin Fever part II: Return of the Fever

This week has been eye opening. We dedicated our area on Tuesday and we both bound ourselves to the Lord to put forth all of our effort. I know I need to change, and the Lord promised us as we dedicated our area he would help us become better disciples. In fact, we are acting in faith for this weekend and we are going to make a baptism happen. The Lord has provided a name and we are going to do all we can to see Kayleigh Cooper enter into the fount. She’s been green for baptism, but her mom isn’t super committed and her aunt is anti. We’ve tried teaching, but I told her that the church will help her daughter become the best person she could be. That the church teaches what you told us to share with parents. That it helps children become morally clean, clean of alcohol and drugs and body pollutants, and that this is what a parent should want for her child. We are still waiting to see when we are going to do it, we have everything set up to go, but we just want Kayleigh’s mom to be there, because she wants to be there, plus, it will help her come to the church. That would bless the grandma, Laura Repass, who is a recent convert in the ward. I don’t want to see her baptism to be pushed off any longer, it was inexcusable how long she’s been waiting for baptism, and she wants it. We have the baptismal form already filled out and have parents signature, but we don’t want to go behind her back, we just want her to commit to be there and let us insulate her so nothing stops her. We are going to make more MBCs and are going to do a companionship fast for Kayleigh.

So, I did get sick on Saturday. ☹️

Elder Goldsberry is from Ogden, Utah, plays lacrosse and now plays magic (you are welcome), 5th of 7 kids, and wants to be an accountant. The ward is super cool, in such small boundaries. We are fed all the time, which is nice. There are some funny people here, but I’ll send the quotes later.

I finally got a replacement bike and will be picking it up, but the lord has worked through us because we were walking. If we were biking, we would have missed some miracles. Yesterday, we got an intersection on 13th and McLean, and this car stalled. We were prompted and we dashed across and pushed them over to a parking lot. There, we helped their car, which had overheated, and we gave them a Book of Mormon and asked them to pray about the 27th, and they agreed, still in shock because of our service. I told them that Christ would do it, and that is the message that Book shares, that is, to be more like Christ.

I’ve been loving reading the Book of Mormon the mission is doing together. Although, I am a bit behind, I’m committed to get caught up by tonight. Besides, I’ve been loving reading the Book of Mormon, so it’s the best p-day activity I could do. Something I’ve learned that is that the Book of Mormon is teaching us only by commandment of God. All of the prophets didn’t have any plans to record all of this, but God commanded them, to help their people and our people today. Anyone who says that we are adding to the word of God, I want to show them 1 Nephi 19:3 & 6, telling them, lovingly bold, that we didn’t add it, but God did through his prophets, and only sacred things reside in this book. We have some people who don’t understand, but I hope that the spirit can touch their hearts and they’ll act upon Alma’s words and experiment and see if it is good.

I’m excited to have a baptism, and I know the Lord will provide.



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