Cabin Fever


This week has been an interesting and stressful week. First off, Friday night I got sick and I’ve been sick since. Still got a sore throat, runny nose and so on. I have never been more upset about being sick since coming out on my mission. I’m literally on the Lord’s time, and I’m not supposed to go out and work! I find some hope in this, since that will mean when I get better,I will work until I pass out. But, until then, which I hope is tomorrow, I will work on getting better.

I realize more and more that Elder Goldsberry is becoming a more powerful missionary everyday, who is very humble and loves this work. I’m more thankful for him to be my companion than at anytime. He just wants to teach and baptize so hard that it makes me even more dedicated and centered towards Christ. I’ve also been blessed by the mission Book of Mormon reading, and I’ll start reading and I’ll see things I thought I read a thousand times, but something new and exciting pops out to me and humbles me to realize I’m still learning. I’ll pick up the book, put it down from reading and realize that 30 minutes have passed. I’m shocked to see how much you can spend on the gospel. I feel like I could spend any day and everyday studying this amazing gospel and still have plenty to study. I wonder why I never wanted to study this at home, but I’m going to fix that.

We are still in search of that family of four and we’ve found a real good solid family that could be it, except that there is 6 instead of 4. We got the referral on Saturday, the day I was stuck inside sick. I was so mad, I wanted to see this family and put them on date for baptism, so I committed that we would see them on Sunday. I was sick Sunday, and I’m still sick, so tomorrow, no excuses. We’ll have the car, so even if I’m not supposed to, I’m not going to waste the Lord’s time. I’m just glad I got my flu shot so it’s not as bad as it could be. Elder Goldsberry and myself are committed to find this family before the transfer is over, and we are separated. I want, if I am the one leaving, to leave this area with as many solid investigators on date as possible. I’ve gone into many an area and there wasn’t a single person on date and I want to change that. At least three, but as many as possible. Either way, I’m going to make it easier on the Lord’s servants by making it simple to know who’s progressing and who’s not.

I’m pretty stoked that everyone is doing well, and that things are holding up back home. Y’all are stellar missionaries in your own way! And I hope to hear some more of the awesome stuff going on back home.


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