New Year, New Me


This week has been great, we were able to find some awesome people this week. We found this pretty cool new investigator. Went to her apartment, met her friend, who invited us in, and met his other friends. They all took copies of the Book of Mormon and said we can teach them all. We had a restoration lesson with all of them.

We also found a bunch of new investigators during inspired tracting. As we were walking to our 1st appointment, I felt prompted to knock on the 1st house on the street we turned onto. I was heavily tempted to walk on, and I almost did, but I called myself back and I asked Elder Cotton if he wanted to try that house. We  met Justin, who  talked to us for 30 minutes, and invited us to come back and teach him some more. We have met some really awesome people this week, and it helps that comp inventory unites us. We communicate more as we comp inventory and we are getting along a lot better.

We also got the cops got called on us, we were tracting and we were going door to door and three police cruisers showed up and they talked to us, and they told us people called 911, probably not taking anytime to find out what we are doing and just assumed we were trying to break into their houses. The cops were chill and they told us we needed to get solicitors license to knock on people’s doors. I’m not sure if I’ll get one though.

I’ve been trying to control my thoughts more and more, to keep it focused on the savior and bridle every desire. To ignore and control even the most basic wants of our temporal being, like to rest, to sleep, to eat, to think inwardly instead of thinking and acting outwardly. The savior taught that we need to be like him, it’s a necessity the world needs. I was studying 3 Nephi chapter 27, and I was pierced by the 27th verse and I took the end part and made it my quote for my New Year’s resolution.

‘Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am.’

The savior expects us to be like him, so I’m going to focus on an attribute of Christ every month and become more like him.

I’m pretty excited to see more miracles this week.

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

White Christmas

January 2, 2017

What’s up, greatest family and friends in the entire world?!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas, sorry I didn’t email last week, but I got my iPad restored and whole.
Mindy, one of our solid investigators, came to church and loved it. She’s so solid, still taking a ton of notes and cross references. We met someone new this week, her name is Tracy, and she is pretty cool, too. Sorry if I’m not writing a lot, just been a stressful p-day, so I apologize in advance.
Been working on goals for the new year, and there is plenty to do on my side, but I’m just happy to see the promise of a good change. Now is a time of self-reflection, and see the progress we have made. It surprises me to see I’ve made it so far on my mission, and still loving every second. I never expected to see so many wonderful people come to know our savior Jesus Christ and enter into a covenant with him. I’m pretty excited for Jamie Funk to go through the temple and receive his endowment and to be sealed. Let’s go, May!
But I’ve been a trainer to a great missionary, and I hope he sees me as a good enough trainer for him. But, I love that kid. I hope to see some new changes and to grow.
Enjoy this picture of me in my ugly sweater.

D&C 123

December 19, 2016

Dear family,

Another week has flown by, and the snow has fallen down here in Lawrence, reaching up to a scorching 3 degrees Fahrenheit. I am so cold. It has been a really good week, with a bunch of miracles. We’re meeting a bunch of cool people and we finally got someone to accept a date. Her name is Mindy, she is a college student, and she is super prepared. She paid for a notebook to take notes specifically on the Book of Mormon, has completely filled out the pamphlets we gave her, marked up her scriptures, has cross references, and already believes it to be true. She was a potential we were working with that I thought wasn’t really progressing, but she is moving by leaps and bounds. She is currently going through chemo therapy, for her Leukemia, so keep her in your prayers. We had a church tour on Sunday (because Kansans freaked out and cancelled church when it reasonably could have been held) and she went to the baptismal fount, and began to cry because she felt the spirit so strong. She said she knew she needs to be baptized and knew that from the 1st time we met with her, that God told her. So prepared, I am still in shock. She is doing everything possible to baptized with her daughter, who was adopted into an LDS family and is being baptized relatively soon.

Elder Colton and myself are currently doing our best, and we are getting along great, though not without struggles. I remember fondly all my companions and how in each case, I learned a lesson invaluable to my mission. So great were these lessons that I will be changed forever. I am still struggling, but I work for the Lord Jesus Christ, who hast freed mine soul from the depths of the pit of despair.

We’ve been reading the Book of Mormon as mission for the holiday season, and its coming to a close. I am sad it’s coming to an end. I’ve learned so much from this experience, I am actually wanting to do this again once we are done. To take a fresh copy of the Book of Mormon, to study this whole volume of scripture on 1 specific question and see how  my eyes are opened. I chose how to access the atonement of Jesus Christ and I’ve learned so much about what is the enabling power of the atonement as well as how to access it, because I feel like that was something I struggled with back home. But Christ has enabled me to do marvelous work, because I am weak and simple.

D&C 1:23

23 That the fullness of my gospel might be proclaimed by the weak and the simple unto the ends of the world, and before kings and rulers.


Merry Christmas from Kansas!

Can’t wait to talk to ya in a couple days!

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

My Heart is as Broken as My iPad

December 12, 2106

We took your advice and we re-taught the restoration to help DD gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She said she is finally understanding why we invite d her to read the Book of Mormon. Still hasn’t committed, but we’ll give her time. She loves church, she loves the members and they love her, and she loves our values, but she just won’t join. I hope reading with real intent and prayerfully, her heart will be softened.

So, Saturday night, I pulled my iPad out of my bag and found my iPad had shattered in there. I’ve been mourning it, and I am going to look around on Monday to see how to repair it. Elder Colton said he could fix it, just buy him the parts. It’s just rough to see it broken.

We’ve actually started to go tracting, because of a miracle. Elder Colton really wanted to go knocking on doors, since he had never done it before. I have, but never saw much success from it. I quieted my murmuring, though, because maybe the Lord wanted us to try this method. I watched elder Colton choose the street he wanted to knock on and we knocked on the 1st door. This woman opens the door, and five minutes later, we had a return appointment and she was praying about a baptismal date. Her name is Avery, and she has some concerns, but she wants to feel the love of God and be changed by Christ. We knocked on the whole street and were let in a couple times, found some new investigators, had some hot cocoa, and shared the message of the restoration. We sometimes think we’ve tried a method before, or we are better than knocking on doors, but the Lord never viewed himself above such thing. We are blessed for trying new and hard things, or for doing them again, even if you’ve been scourged in your past.

We are pretty excited to find, invite, teach repentance and baptize.


Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

The Process of Purification

December 5, 2016

We’ve had a stellar week, except for one of our investigators. Her name is DD, she comes to church but has an issue with the Word of Wisdom. However, her real trial of faith is baptism by proper authority. She’s the one we accounted to the Lord that we would baptize her this transfer, so we went over to solidify her for baptism. We had a super lovingly bold lesson on Saturday. We talked about eternal families and she loves the idea. The spirit felt as if he was physically there and we told her that the 1st step is baptism. She immediately switched modes, and the spirit struggled to stay in the room. She doesn’t believe that our church is the only one with the authority of Christ, that all preachers all called of God. We tried to invite the spirit into the room, and used Hebrews 5:4, how there must be a prophet, and we are called of God, that we didn’t choose to take this upon ourselves, but God called us.

She was so set, we asked her to pray and ask specifically to God if she should be baptized. I admonished her to listen to the prompting of the Holy Ghost, and to act, no matter if it’s against what she thinks, but to listen to the spirit. She thought it was ridiculous. But she did it. Or so she claims, we sat there in complete silence, where I prayed so hard to the Lord that I would sacrifice everything for her to receive the answer, and she finally spoke, asking for truth for all three of us, blessings, then ended her prayer. I had a feeling 7 minutes in the ‘prayer’, that she wasn’t going to listen. She told us her answer was her baptism stuck, and that she doesn’t need to be re-baptized. I asked her if she specifically asked God that question. She said yes, but the spirit told me she hadn’t, because I know that would not be the answer the Lord would give her. I had to bind my tongue from exploding, I knew that she was denying herself the blessings of God! I told her that I can’t receive answers for her, but I know the Lord, at least enough to know that isn’t the right answer, and asked her to continue to pray about it. She came to church, but I know church without the baptismal covenant means nothing in the end. Still no covenants made. I want her to be with her eternal companion, but she’s stopping him from being with her Companion for all eternity. She’s not budging, but the Lord asked us to baptize her this month. I had to write to President McCuistion and ask him for some advice, but the situation makes me want to pull out all my hair. It’s heart breaking to see someone deny the truth, especially someone you’ve grown so close to, and love as a sibling and a child of God.

This week has other wise been a miraculous week, we found a new investigator, MJ, at a member’s home. She wasn’t planning on listening, but we read 3 Nephi chapter 14 with the member’s family, and she opened up, read with us. She also took a copy of the Book of Mormon and said she wants to learn more.  God has led us here. We also met this wonderful girl named Sydney, who is so prepared, and is totally down to read the Book of Mormon. She referred the rest of her family to the missionaries, but we are not sure if they live in the mission. If not, better send over the referral.

I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon and I’ve begun to see differences, like how I can read over 20 pages, absorbing all of it, and not even realize I’ve read 20 pages. I’m beginning to devour the scriptures, to take in the word of God in the way it was meant to be taken in. By feasting.

Today we are going to Mass Street, which is the main tourist spot in Lawrence and going to check it all out and to take some pics.

Can’t believe it’s Christmas, feels like I just got out here, pretty crazy.


Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

Cabin Fever VI: Return of the Headache

November 28, 2016

This week has been hard. I had gotten pretty sick, and so Sister Worthington finally got me to go to a urgent care. I was diagnosed with bronchitis, and I am still coughing up a storm. But all I can remember is the example of one of my past companions, Elder Limb, who tried to work, even when he was sick. It was hard, but I can tell the Lord that I tried my hardest to do his will.

We were able to see some of the investigators, but a lot of them were out of town, and then I had a huge allergic reaction at the member’s home  who were wonderful  enough to feed us, because they have cats, and I’m allergic to cats. I coughed so hard I forget who I was, where I was and why the room was spinning, after a minute, I remembered who I was, where I was, but still no idea why everything was moving. Sister Baker asked me, “Are you allergic to something?”

“Just cats,” I said.

They rushed me over to our apartment and got my inhaler, but I was still struggling. I could breathe, was always wheezing, was very tired all the time. I tried to work, but after a 3 minute bike ride, I was hacking and praying for the Lord to let me live.

We were able to get this woman named Deronda, or DD, to come to church. She loves the church, but she has a hard time with the Word of Wisdom and Priesthood authority. She believes she is already saved. I want to just show her that it’s impossible to act with power without authority, but I must let her open her eyes, instead of myself trying to pry her eyes open to witness the truth. We read D&C 89 with her and committed her to live the Word of Wisdom, and we are going to follow up with her praying about it on Tuesday.

I promise that this week we are going to go hard, no matter what.


This is my comp, Elder Colton. He doesn’t know I’m taking a picture of him.
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

Blessed Art Thou Who Serve


November 21, 2016

This week has been inspirational, worrisome and a week of determination. I wasn’t sure how I would feel leaving Wichita, but now I know that I’m going to hold it close to my heart, and that Lawrence is where I am assigned to labor for a season. I’m still trying to figure out how to work with Elder Colton, he’s a good missionary, but he’s had some rough companions in the past, and I want to be different. While we were doing comp inventory we were talking about reputations and how they precede us. I asked him if mine was bad or good. He said, not trying to hurt my feelings, that they weren’t good. I know that I don’t need to dwell on the bad, but I need to change and try and change myself and make my reputation good. Not meaning that is the only reason why I want to be better, I just want to have a good mission experience and have new companions excited to be with me.

The Zone Conference with Elder Anderson was great, I learned so much, and got one of my questions answered. I’m still going to study it out in the Book of Mormon, but it’s good to know how to access the power of our Savior’s great atonement. I’m also working on having meaningful study, and I’ve asked Elder Colton to help me with that, but do you have any suggestions? What I’m doing right now is begin with a prayer, ask for focus and for revelation for our investigators by name. I use my study journal everyday, to keep me focused on what I am learning and make the scriptures real to me. I also try and listen to the Holy Ghost and prepare myself if I need to go off on a tangent to find an answer for an investigator.

Elder Colton is from Provo, Utah, who’s birthday is coming up in December, so that’s exciting, and he likes to wood work. He likes to make furniture back home, and he made a desk and a end table and a grandfather clock. He is the 3rd child of 4, the only guy in those 4, the rest are girls, so he knows a lot about girls. He is a bit weird, but in a good way, I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about it, but he isn’t afraid to tell you what’s what, and he is pretty straightforward. He’s a lot different from Elder Goldsberry, who is a lot like me, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get a long, I just miss that goober a ton, he always got me to laugh. I never realized how much I cared for my greenie until I left on Wednesday. I worried about him, and still do, and remembered all the good times we had. I’m beginning to understand how our Heavenly Father feels towards all of us, and I hope to feel that way for all of the people I meet. I want to love them and show them charity.

We’ve got a lot of work to do here. Not a lot of members help out on the work, not a lot of investigators have been taught and progressed to baptism and the area book is a mess. We had a couple on date before I got here. They are struggling and are now in jail, making it hard for us to teach them. We’ve started to put our heads together and prayed and began to try and fix it. We are going to make a member sign up sheet and a skill sheet to find out what the members can help out with and feed us more. I feel like I’m stuck in a branch again, because there isn’t a lot of meals, sorry mom. This week is the biggest one in a while, because of thanksgiving, meaning we have 3 meals total this week. Yay! We also have to begin a more meaningful comp study and actually plan out what we are going to teach, because I feel like there wasn’t much of that when I got here. Investigators were surprised when I started to teach. I don’t feel like I can change the area, but I know Christ can, and I can be an instrument with my companion to change and glorify the Lawrence 2nd Ward. Pray for guidance and shared these goals with Elder Colton and I want to make this my best area yet. I’m so pumped to see a week full of MBCs, miracles and people on date and at sacrament.


Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018