My Heart is as Broken as My iPad

December 12, 2106

We took your advice and we re-taught the restoration to help DD gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She said she is finally understanding why we invite d her to read the Book of Mormon. Still hasn’t committed, but we’ll give her time. She loves church, she loves the members and they love her, and she loves our values, but she just won’t join. I hope reading with real intent and prayerfully, her heart will be softened.

So, Saturday night, I pulled my iPad out of my bag and found my iPad had shattered in there. I’ve been mourning it, and I am going to look around on Monday to see how to repair it. Elder Colton said he could fix it, just buy him the parts. It’s just rough to see it broken.

We’ve actually started to go tracting, because of a miracle. Elder Colton really wanted to go knocking on doors, since he had never done it before. I have, but never saw much success from it. I quieted my murmuring, though, because maybe the Lord wanted us to try this method. I watched elder Colton choose the street he wanted to knock on and we knocked on the 1st door. This woman opens the door, and five minutes later, we had a return appointment and she was praying about a baptismal date. Her name is Avery, and she has some concerns, but she wants to feel the love of God and be changed by Christ. We knocked on the whole street and were let in a couple times, found some new investigators, had some hot cocoa, and shared the message of the restoration. We sometimes think we’ve tried a method before, or we are better than knocking on doors, but the Lord never viewed himself above such thing. We are blessed for trying new and hard things, or for doing them again, even if you’ve been scourged in your past.

We are pretty excited to find, invite, teach repentance and baptize.


Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

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