The Process of Purification

December 5, 2016

We’ve had a stellar week, except for one of our investigators. Her name is DD, she comes to church but has an issue with the Word of Wisdom. However, her real trial of faith is baptism by proper authority. She’s the one we accounted to the Lord that we would baptize her this transfer, so we went over to solidify her for baptism. We had a super lovingly bold lesson on Saturday. We talked about eternal families and she loves the idea. The spirit felt as if he was physically there and we told her that the 1st step is baptism. She immediately switched modes, and the spirit struggled to stay in the room. She doesn’t believe that our church is the only one with the authority of Christ, that all preachers all called of God. We tried to invite the spirit into the room, and used Hebrews 5:4, how there must be a prophet, and we are called of God, that we didn’t choose to take this upon ourselves, but God called us.

She was so set, we asked her to pray and ask specifically to God if she should be baptized. I admonished her to listen to the prompting of the Holy Ghost, and to act, no matter if it’s against what she thinks, but to listen to the spirit. She thought it was ridiculous. But she did it. Or so she claims, we sat there in complete silence, where I prayed so hard to the Lord that I would sacrifice everything for her to receive the answer, and she finally spoke, asking for truth for all three of us, blessings, then ended her prayer. I had a feeling 7 minutes in the ‘prayer’, that she wasn’t going to listen. She told us her answer was her baptism stuck, and that she doesn’t need to be re-baptized. I asked her if she specifically asked God that question. She said yes, but the spirit told me she hadn’t, because I know that would not be the answer the Lord would give her. I had to bind my tongue from exploding, I knew that she was denying herself the blessings of God! I told her that I can’t receive answers for her, but I know the Lord, at least enough to know that isn’t the right answer, and asked her to continue to pray about it. She came to church, but I know church without the baptismal covenant means nothing in the end. Still no covenants made. I want her to be with her eternal companion, but she’s stopping him from being with her Companion for all eternity. She’s not budging, but the Lord asked us to baptize her this month. I had to write to President McCuistion and ask him for some advice, but the situation makes me want to pull out all my hair. It’s heart breaking to see someone deny the truth, especially someone you’ve grown so close to, and love as a sibling and a child of God.

This week has other wise been a miraculous week, we found a new investigator, MJ, at a member’s home. She wasn’t planning on listening, but we read 3 Nephi chapter 14 with the member’s family, and she opened up, read with us. She also took a copy of the Book of Mormon and said she wants to learn more.  God has led us here. We also met this wonderful girl named Sydney, who is so prepared, and is totally down to read the Book of Mormon. She referred the rest of her family to the missionaries, but we are not sure if they live in the mission. If not, better send over the referral.

I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon and I’ve begun to see differences, like how I can read over 20 pages, absorbing all of it, and not even realize I’ve read 20 pages. I’m beginning to devour the scriptures, to take in the word of God in the way it was meant to be taken in. By feasting.

Today we are going to Mass Street, which is the main tourist spot in Lawrence and going to check it all out and to take some pics.

Can’t believe it’s Christmas, feels like I just got out here, pretty crazy.


Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

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