White Christmas

January 2, 2017

What’s up, greatest family and friends in the entire world?!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas, sorry I didn’t email last week, but I got my iPad restored and whole.
Mindy, one of our solid investigators, came to church and loved it. She’s so solid, still taking a ton of notes and cross references. We met someone new this week, her name is Tracy, and she is pretty cool, too. Sorry if I’m not writing a lot, just been a stressful p-day, so I apologize in advance.
Been working on goals for the new year, and there is plenty to do on my side, but I’m just happy to see the promise of a good change. Now is a time of self-reflection, and see the progress we have made. It surprises me to see I’ve made it so far on my mission, and still loving every second. I never expected to see so many wonderful people come to know our savior Jesus Christ and enter into a covenant with him. I’m pretty excited for Jamie Funk to go through the temple and receive his endowment and to be sealed. Let’s go, May!
But I’ve been a trainer to a great missionary, and I hope he sees me as a good enough trainer for him. But, I love that kid. I hope to see some new changes and to grow.
Enjoy this picture of me in my ugly sweater.

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