Hump Day

February 20, 2017

What is going on in the World!

This has been a stellar week, first things first, we are having a baptism this Saturday, it’s going to be awesome. Don’t tell him I said awesome, because he doesn’t like the word. If we ever visit him after my mission, don’t say it.

He’s a great guy, he’s been taught by missionaries in the past, has been living the commandments, and has expressed desire to enter the waters of baptism.

Elder Gidney and I are getting along great, and we are both feeling better. Yay!

He is from West Valley City, Utah, the ghetto of Utah for those who know Utah. We rag on each other’s state and brag on our states. It’s pretty funny.

We have been trying to find new people to teach the gospel to, so pray for us!

We also got rear ended on our way to District Meeting. We weren’t happy. I’ll send some pictures.

Love ya’ll!



Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

Sickness before the storm

February 13, 2017

So this week has been a whirlwind of catastrophes. 1st off, my new comp is pretty sick, his name is Elder Gidney. We have been hitting it off, but he’s been pretty sick for the past week, then I got sick. Gross. It’s been tough. I’ve been working on getting better, but we’ve have had stuff planned for weeks, so I toughed it all out, then, to make things worse, we gave the car to the Wakarusa elders.
Been good week though, trying to find more peeps to teach. I got to see my home slice Jamie Funk on Wednesday, we had dinner. It was tons of fun. When a recent convert lives 30 minutes away, it has its perks. Can’t wait to see him sealed in a couple of months, he is so cool.
We’ve been playing a ton of sports, which isn’t too good for sick people. I got too intense with basketball and some volleyball.
I have nothing to report, but I hope to tell you of all the sick miracles we’ll have this coming week!
Love ya tons!

Elder Gidney

February 6, 2017

So, this is a new transfer, and they are making some huge changes. Elder Colton is getting transferred to Hutchinson, where he’ll be a DLC, pretty cool. Hutchinson is pretty cool. I’m staying here and my new comp is Elder Gidney, and he’ll be the District Leader here! Whooo! Still not in charge! In a couple of days, I’ll be meeting him, then I’ll be hitting my year mark. It’s pretty crazy. We had Zone Conference, and interviews, and Zone training, so it’s been a rough week, all over the place. One of the Zone leaders got sick and I had to drive from Lawrence to Emporia and back again, which was a 3 hour total drive. It put me into a stupor of thought.
We are taking a lazy day, because we’ll get to shop on Thursday with new companions. I’m probably going to send some pics home soon, but happy birthday to my baby bro! I hope he has a sweet 16! I really don’t have a lot to say this week, sorry for the short email, but I’ll write more next week.


Baptism by Immersion

January 30, 2017


So, Mindy got baptized. I realized how great that is. It was Elder Colton’s 1st baptism, and how special Mindy is. I honestly remember thinking when I 1st met Mindy how I thought she was not going to do anything and not join the gospel. I thought about dropping her a couple times, so did Elder Colton when I talked to him about it. It was pretty crazy to think that she has joined the church and is one of the most faithful recent converts I’ve met in a long time. I feel blessed to know her.

We also got to talk more with Virgina, an investigator we are working with. We had been trying to get a hold of her, but she wasn’t answering. Last night, she texted us and she has been reading and we are seeing her again Saturday and it will be awesome.

We have been working on comp unity, and it’s been going good.

I’ve heard about all the exciting stuff from back home, and I realize how long I’ve been out. I’ve been out for almost an entire year, pretty crazy.

I’ve learned so much about charity, because I’ve had to to be able to support my companion and help build this area into a shining light of Kansas.


Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018



January 16, 2017

I’m so blessed to be a missionary, even if I’m not a great one. My life feels meaningful when directed towards the savior. Before my mission, I lived moment to moment, living it for myself. But as my mission works great miracles in my soul, I feel redeemed and I wish that everyone can feel the way I do now, for the rest of eternity. I’m heartbroken with those wandering from the fold of God, and my soul weeps for those who look and will not eat from the tree of life. But I sincerely hope that one of the convert stays actively engaged, never falling for temptation. The Quorum of the 12 Apostles want at least one convert from each missionary. That is, they want the missionary to be converted. I hope and pray to be converted for the rest of my days, to have it engraved into my soul and etched into my being. I love he savior, who suffered all things for mankind, out of love for his eternal father and his fellow brothers and sisters, and bleed from every pore, wept many tears for everyone individually, and lifted his cross to be scourged by his people. To think, he did this all out of love?

Charity is the pure love of Christ.

We’ve had the coolest miracles Yet! We found out yesterday that Mindy quit smoking and is going strong. She got pretty sick and it was her nurse, not the doctor who told her to quit. But her nurse told her she can’t smoke for a week and she decided to quit fully and she’s been going  strong, and she is preparing for baptism on the 28th!

She is so awesome and will be a great member. Too bad church got cancelled up here. There was supposed to be a big storm, but it never came, it just rained a bit. Man, we had 4 people coming to church, and they choose to cancel our services!? It threw off the day completely, and we had more time on Sunday than we planned. Oh well, what can you do.

I hope this week is going well for everyone!


Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

Miracles Happen

January 23, 2017

I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting. A lot of questioning, wondering, and pondering. It’s been a better week for me and elder Colton. I feel like our relationship is improving; we laugh more, have had a lot more spiritual experiences and we agree on things. I have been thinking about charity, especially since I want to improve our relationship, and I’ve decided that I need to serve more. It’s going to be more of a challenge with elder Colton because he doesn’t want any service done for him. I offer to serve, and it gets shot down. So I’ve decided to just serve without asking. I’m not going to break any boundaries, but I am going to make his bed and clean our apartment while he is in the shower. I’m thinking of more ways, because you begin to love someone you serve, so I need to make sure I’m serving him with all my heart.


Mindy is so ready. She some how got a pamphlet of the testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. She read it 3 times, prayed about it, and she knows that Joseph Smith is[was] a prophet and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today. She also has a testimony about each individual Baptismal Interview Question. She loves church and the ward is pretty pumped for her. It was a surprise, because the ward is more of a, “missionaries do missionary work, and we’ll help out if they stay active for over 6 months.”

We’ve been teaching about MBCs and how we all can help build the kingdom, and at least some of the members in the ward has become more open to helping us by offering team-ups and fellowship. Some will take some time, but the ward loves Mindy, and they are beginning to see the blessings of missionary work.

She rocks, and elder Colton has really deserved this. It’s his 1st baptism, and he’ll be the one baptizing. She asked us what we think, and we told her it was her choice, and that we wouldn’t be offended by her choice. She asked if elder Colton has ever had a chance to baptize, and she decided he would do it. I think it’s better that he do it, he has put a lot of work into this, and the lord would want him to do it. I’m just happy to see her make such huge changes. She told us we made her a Mormon, and we quickly talked about how we hope it was the Holy Ghost, not us.

We have met some interesting people, one is Musa, who doesn’t believe in an afterlife, all religions are correct, that creation is bogus and that the Bible is mostly correct. We talked to him yesterday, but he was more interested in what we want, instead of what God wanted. He asked me what I wanted to do after my mission and I said how I was thinking going into law, to help people, but also because I believed God wants me to help preserve people’s rights. He tried to “correct” me, and told me I should do what I want to do. I recognized that his pattern of thinking is that of this world. Chase after your desires, then you die, and that’s it. No punishment, no crimes, no law, no happiness or joy, no sorrow for sin. We talked about prophets and how we believe Christ has called a living prophet. And he tried to convince us that we could be prophets. I told him I could be a prophet, but not a prophet of God, because there has to be a divine calling from God.

We also met this sweet old lady named Virgina, who referred her self a Book of Mormon and wanted to know more about Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation, where she is going and how she can make it there. She is really solid. She had so many good questions and is planning on coming to church this week. She said she’s gone to churches in the past, but she is searching for more, but she isn’t sure what that is. We told her it’s the Holy Ghost, and she would find it at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I’ve been studying up on charity, the virtue of Christ I’m studying for the month, and I’ve learned so much, but I’m making sure I’m applying them. I want to develop Christ like love, a love for all of God’s children and lead them to eternal life. I’m pretty excited to apply more this week.


Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018