Baptism by Immersion

January 30, 2017


So, Mindy got baptized. I realized how great that is. It was Elder Colton’s 1st baptism, and how special Mindy is. I honestly remember thinking when I 1st met Mindy how I thought she was not going to do anything and not join the gospel. I thought about dropping her a couple times, so did Elder Colton when I talked to him about it. It was pretty crazy to think that she has joined the church and is one of the most faithful recent converts I’ve met in a long time. I feel blessed to know her.

We also got to talk more with Virgina, an investigator we are working with. We had been trying to get a hold of her, but she wasn’t answering. Last night, she texted us and she has been reading and we are seeing her again Saturday and it will be awesome.

We have been working on comp unity, and it’s been going good.

I’ve heard about all the exciting stuff from back home, and I realize how long I’ve been out. I’ve been out for almost an entire year, pretty crazy.

I’ve learned so much about charity, because I’ve had to to be able to support my companion and help build this area into a shining light of Kansas.


Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

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