Elder Gidney

February 6, 2017

So, this is a new transfer, and they are making some huge changes. Elder Colton is getting transferred to Hutchinson, where he’ll be a DLC, pretty cool. Hutchinson is pretty cool. I’m staying here and my new comp is Elder Gidney, and he’ll be the District Leader here! Whooo! Still not in charge! In a couple of days, I’ll be meeting him, then I’ll be hitting my year mark. It’s pretty crazy. We had Zone Conference, and interviews, and Zone training, so it’s been a rough week, all over the place. One of the Zone leaders got sick and I had to drive from Lawrence to Emporia and back again, which was a 3 hour total drive. It put me into a stupor of thought.
We are taking a lazy day, because we’ll get to shop on Thursday with new companions. I’m probably going to send some pics home soon, but happy birthday to my baby bro! I hope he has a sweet 16! I really don’t have a lot to say this week, sorry for the short email, but I’ll write more next week.



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