Sickness before the storm

February 13, 2017

So this week has been a whirlwind of catastrophes. 1st off, my new comp is pretty sick, his name is Elder Gidney. We have been hitting it off, but he’s been pretty sick for the past week, then I got sick. Gross. It’s been tough. I’ve been working on getting better, but we’ve have had stuff planned for weeks, so I toughed it all out, then, to make things worse, we gave the car to the Wakarusa elders.
Been good week though, trying to find more peeps to teach. I got to see my home slice Jamie Funk on Wednesday, we had dinner. It was tons of fun. When a recent convert lives 30 minutes away, it has its perks. Can’t wait to see him sealed in a couple of months, he is so cool.
We’ve been playing a ton of sports, which isn’t too good for sick people. I got too intense with basketball and some volleyball.
I have nothing to report, but I hope to tell you of all the sick miracles we’ll have this coming week!
Love ya tons!

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