March 13, 2017
This week has been great, we’ve had a ton of sweet miracles happen this week. Robert is doing good, he’s been coming to church for the past 5 weeks, and he’s been getting more and more excited for his baptism. We had to re explain the Word of Wisdom to him because he forgot about coffee, and had some on the day it snowed because he was cold. We talked to him and he’s committed to never drink it again, making him even more solid than ever. He’s a funny guy, always making jokes and telling us never to say awesome. He really doesn’t like that word. He threatened to haunt us, every time, but he says he forgives us and that it’s okay if we say it, because he forgets and he sometimes says it. He also tripped over saying his name and called himself Bobert, so we died laughing at his apartment.

We’ve found some new people to teach, finally, which is amazing to me. We tried a former yesterday, and her husband answered the door and he was open, talking about how he was a member in Arizona, was going to serve a mission, but he got married instead and his records were lost when he moved to Kansas. He invited us back and we plan on seeing them this week asap. We also met a guy name nick, who is super cool, because he’s met with missionaries when he first moved to Lawrence. He’s down for learning more, we’ve just got to find out if he’s ysa or if he’s in our ward.

We also met a guy named Ryan that we almost dropped, but we gave him one last try. He finally answered and we have a return appointment with him this Thursday.

I hope all of you have a good week, and I’m excited for Robert, he should be getting baptized not this week but next week.



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