Defender of Faith

I am currently using my companion’s iPad since mine is out of action. It’s been a rough week for it and me.
So, we had a great week at first, everyone was so accepting. We found 17 new investigators, and about 9 people committed to church and about 4 committed to baptism. Sunday rolls around and only one person shows.
We ran around frantically to all of our people and tried to help them, but they are coming to church next Sunday. 😔
We got to go the spring training game with one of my favorite families, the Kemas, who rock, and who I love a lot.


Brother Kema is a coach for KU football, so we got to get some cool picks, and we got to meet 3-time pro-baller, Super Bowl Champion Chris Harris.


Elder Christensen freaked out.
When we had dinner with the Kemas on Wednesday, Brother Kema fell in
love with me, and said he wants to feed us all week, give us protein
for working out, and KU swag.
Right before we left, he told me he had a going away gift for me and
brought out this sword.


He told me teach by the spirit and defend the faith.

Love you guys!
Elder Candland


Come Unto Christ

April 10, 2017

This week has been a rough week. At first, it was going great, we found some solid people, one of them is Edgar Branch, who saw us waving to people on the side of the street, pulled over and told us that he isn’t a member yet, and that he studied the Book of Mormon before, but he’s a little bit racist, he likes the parts where God curses the Lamanites for being wicked and makes them black. But we talked it over with him and he’s reading the Book of Mormon to find more about it.

John Powell dropped us. Apparently, what he felt wasn’t true or something. He ignored us knocking on his door, and his mom finally opened the last time we tried, and she tried to tell us to go away, but Elder Christensen is a baller and got her to get John and for him to tell us to go away. She opened the door and John was sitting there with tobacco in his hand and he was playing on his laptop. He told us he didn’t want to talk to us, and to close the [insert curse word here] door. We left, wondering how he became so twisted and angry at us.

We found Robin, but she isn’t progressing, she was invited to church today, but she didn’t come. We are working with her.

We lost our day on Saturday, we got wrapped up into cleaning up Come unto Christ. Come unto Christ is an event Lawrence and Topeka does that is a walk tour of Jesus Christ’s life, and it is super cool. It is probably the most detailed I’ve seen except for the Bible videos. The whole church is decked out for this, and it was cool to do. We got roped into cleaning up on Saturday. We didn’t get finished until 7 at night, and we had a hard time getting to our people. We promised the Lord we will do better next time.

Elder Christensen is from American Fork, Utah, loves the Broncos, football, sports in general, winning, darts, missionary work, soda, working out, and he hates losing, the Ravens, and fish or seafood in general. He is the oldest of 3, he went straight out of high school, he is 19, his favorite color is orange, he wants to do business when he gets home. Make money work for him, that’s his dream. He wants to own McDonald’s.

The ward is good, still getting use to the idea of elders, so we’ve been lacking in meals, but it’s slowly picking up. We had 0 meals last week, and I nearly died. General Conference nearly killed us. We had our first meal with the coolest family named the Boyacks, and they are the funniest and have the cutest little girl named Dorothy. They named her that because she is their first born in Kansas, and she is four and was playing all sorts of games while we were there. We had some good Italian food, and they have this thing they do on Sunday’s, where they get this bag, put a ton of countries in it, then make the food that Sunday or next Sunday, then they learn about it. It was tons of fun. They told us of all the weird food they ate and it must have been fun. We got lucky and got a real Italian meal, it was delicious.

I hope you guys have a good week. I’ve learned a ton from Come unto Christ, and I want to say that when we find out our reasons for learning more about Jesus Christ, we must go after it and seize and make it a part of our hearts. I want you to seek for those things and go for it.

Love you guys tons!


P.S. the last picture is from Tuesday, where I ripped my pants from lifting this giant rock and I was given this robe to wear while they showed up my pants.



Elder Candland

KWM 2016-2018

Lake Powell and Kills the Enemy

April 3, 2017

So, to explain the title, we found some solid people.

Robin is reclaimed, she accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd of April, and she came to conference. We found out her last name is ‘Kills the Enemy’. Native people have the best last names. We also met this guy name John Powell, who is so elect, who is also on date for the 22nd and he saw us and immediately wanted to join. He said his girlfriend is a member in Massachusetts, and he needs what the church has. He believed exactly what we told him, and believes Joseph Smith is a prophet, and that he saw God face to face.

Soooo cool.

Not much else has happened.

Really enjoyed Elder Palmer’s remarks in the last session of conference, talking about looking people with the eyes of Christ, Mark 10, and realized about why we are asked to do the hard things in life. God knows our potential in life and that’s why he asks for more.

We played a fun racket ball tourney, got 3rd place out of all, so it was tons of fun.

I haven’t answered a question I posed probably a couple of months ago. I would like to finish it. Why didn’t the Savior run away?

It is because he loved God and couldn’t bear to let him down. When we become so converted to the gospel, we begin to lives that are filled with love, instead of sayings or thoughts like ” I need to be morally clean, because my parents won’t love me or be proud of me,” or “I’m afraid of going into a lower kingdom or being punished, so that is why I live a morally clean life.” But it becomes, “I am morally clean, because I love the savior, and I want to one day stand before him and say I am clean, because I love you.” That is the reason why Jesus Christ didn’t run away. This isn’t the only reason, but it is one I believe helped him become the Savior of all mankind.

Hope all of you have a great week. I love you guys’ tons, and I hope all of you pray about the things you need from our loving Heavenly Father. I leave my testimony with you and more.



Elder Candland

KWM 2016-2018

Goodbye 2nd, Hello 1st!

So, today is the day the transfer doc got dropped, and I’m now opening a new area. In Lawrence Baby! I’m going to the 1st Ward to be with Elder Christensen. He came out and was MTC companions with my son, Elder Goldsberry. He’s going to one of my baby areas to be a District Leader in the Kaw valley Ward in Topeka. He’s going to kill it up there, he’s such a good missionary. He’ll get to meet Jamie Funk, one of my recent converts Topeka.

I am pretty stoked; but I’m sad to leave all of the people here. I’m also super glad I’ll be so close to Robert for his baptism, and I’ll still get to baptize him. He’s such a good guy. Elder Gidney is going down to Bel Aire and is going to be a Zone Leader, and sisters are now taking control of our area.

I would usually include a list of people we saw this week, however, I’ll not be here to tell you how they are progressing, so I’m just going to say Robert is great, DD is finally really seeking truth (an old lady we teach, in case you didn’t know or forgot) and not a lot of people like to answer their doors in our area.

That is all, but I’ll also leave with my testimony, that the atonement isn’t just an event that happened 2,000 years ago, but it is all powerful and happens every day. You can change, and it will save your life. I am so thankful for a man who became my savior for me, to take upon himself the pains of this world for all of us.

I love you all tons, and I’ve got to pack to move five miles away.

Also, I hope you guys have a great week! Shout out to my little sister’s birthday in a couple of days



Elder Candland

KWM 2016-2018