Lake Powell and Kills the Enemy

April 3, 2017

So, to explain the title, we found some solid people.

Robin is reclaimed, she accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd of April, and she came to conference. We found out her last name is ‘Kills the Enemy’. Native people have the best last names. We also met this guy name John Powell, who is so elect, who is also on date for the 22nd and he saw us and immediately wanted to join. He said his girlfriend is a member in Massachusetts, and he needs what the church has. He believed exactly what we told him, and believes Joseph Smith is a prophet, and that he saw God face to face.

Soooo cool.

Not much else has happened.

Really enjoyed Elder Palmer’s remarks in the last session of conference, talking about looking people with the eyes of Christ, Mark 10, and realized about why we are asked to do the hard things in life. God knows our potential in life and that’s why he asks for more.

We played a fun racket ball tourney, got 3rd place out of all, so it was tons of fun.

I haven’t answered a question I posed probably a couple of months ago. I would like to finish it. Why didn’t the Savior run away?

It is because he loved God and couldn’t bear to let him down. When we become so converted to the gospel, we begin to lives that are filled with love, instead of sayings or thoughts like ” I need to be morally clean, because my parents won’t love me or be proud of me,” or “I’m afraid of going into a lower kingdom or being punished, so that is why I live a morally clean life.” But it becomes, “I am morally clean, because I love the savior, and I want to one day stand before him and say I am clean, because I love you.” That is the reason why Jesus Christ didn’t run away. This isn’t the only reason, but it is one I believe helped him become the Savior of all mankind.

Hope all of you have a great week. I love you guys’ tons, and I hope all of you pray about the things you need from our loving Heavenly Father. I leave my testimony with you and more.



Elder Candland

KWM 2016-2018


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