Defender of Faith

I am currently using my companion’s iPad since mine is out of action. It’s been a rough week for it and me.
So, we had a great week at first, everyone was so accepting. We found 17 new investigators, and about 9 people committed to church and about 4 committed to baptism. Sunday rolls around and only one person shows.
We ran around frantically to all of our people and tried to help them, but they are coming to church next Sunday. 😔
We got to go the spring training game with one of my favorite families, the Kemas, who rock, and who I love a lot.


Brother Kema is a coach for KU football, so we got to get some cool picks, and we got to meet 3-time pro-baller, Super Bowl Champion Chris Harris.


Elder Christensen freaked out.
When we had dinner with the Kemas on Wednesday, Brother Kema fell in
love with me, and said he wants to feed us all week, give us protein
for working out, and KU swag.
Right before we left, he told me he had a going away gift for me and
brought out this sword.


He told me teach by the spirit and defend the faith.

Love you guys!
Elder Candland


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