Mission Shenanigans


Ruh Roh, That Ain’t Good…

July 10, 2017

So, this week has been okay, but something terrible happened right at the end that left me all screwy. I’ll save that for last.
So, this week was interviews with president, which went really well. I had to ask president to let me stay in Lawrence another transfer, like I did last transfer. Would love to be here a 4th transfer in the 1st Ward.
We talked about real intent because I want to teach that to some investigators, because they’ve been struggling with that. We talked about how we need to be willing to give everything to God before he gives us His spirit, and before we receive the answer.
Elder Ricks and I have been having fun talking to tons of cool people, but they canceled on us during Ward council. Then, we went to dinner afterwards, where they had a ton of kids that liked impressions. So I did a couple, one of them being my Scooby Doo impression, here I said, “Ruh Roh, rhat rain’t Rood.”
We were dropped off at our complex and I went to go grab my bike, which was locked up on a bike rack outside our complex. I turn to Elder Ricks and said, “Elder, where is my bike?” He looked at me and said, “I don’t know.” All I could say was ruh roh. It turns out while we were at church, someone stole my bike, cutting off the bike lock and taking it off. I called the cops and reported it, but I doubt anything will happen. Last time my bike was stolen, not much happened, I am just bike less, and really upset.
I hope no ones bike got stolen, and you guys all had a great week! Love you guys tons!
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

Service Monster

July 3, 2017

What’s up, Fam?
So this week was pretty cool. On Tuesday, after we had District Meeting, the traveling Assistants to the President came up to me and my companion and asked me if I was ready for an exchange. I just stared at them, and they asked me if we got their text, and we told them no, we didn’t. They had the wrong number they were texting to, but we still went on the exchange.
I went with a good friend of mine, Elder Simonton, who came out with me. We talked to a ton of people, our goal was to have at least 45 missionary contacts that day. Anyways, I’ve never tracked that much in my life. I use to hate it, and Elder Simonton was afraid I’d hate it more, mostly because we found like 3 people from the 90 different doors we knocked on. I actually enjoyed it, mainly because it found people who really want to learn and live the gospel. Elder Ricks and Elder Watts found ten super solid people, so they had a bit more success, but I still learned a lot.
Found ‘Da Myster Mashean’ on Sunday. Had to get a pic by it.
We’ve had about 12 service projects this week, and that’s not a joke. We had 2 days just eaten up by service. One of them was for this elderly sister in the ward and she was so thankful, and she begged us to let her take us out to dinner.
She took us to this place called the Blue Moose and made us get all this food. She dropped a $100.57 on us and she made a thank you cards with a nice candle. Sister Neil is so sweet but she misspelled my name, so I’m Elder Candlewood.
Have a lot of cool people we’ve been working with, and this area is just so solid.
Love you guys tons!
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

This Week Was an Adventure…

June 19, 2017

Hey everybody!
So, I got sick, but that’s my big story, one my parents will probably kill me over.
So, this week I met Elder Ricks, he’s from Ogden, Utah. He loves to play some good basketball, the oldest of 7 kids, is a big nerd like me, loves Star Wars,  wants to be a carpenter and is a great companion. We work hard, and we already have somebody on date for baptism, her name is Abby. I’ve talked about her before and now she’s preparing to enter the waters of baptism on July 8th. She’s so solid. We’ve also been finding a lot of new people in our area, and our old people, like Lamar and Melissa.
Onto the big story. I gave my first district meeting on Friday, and I had been sick for a couple days, but this day was terrible. I couldn’t breathe and was just struggling. I finally said it was too big to deal with, so I called our health coordinator, my good friend Sister Worthington, and she made me go to an urgent care. They diagnosed me with bronchitis. I got some prescriptions, but had to wait to get them, then stuff happened, so I went to bed without my meds.
Problem was, I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t breathe, I started to die in our apartment. I started to hack up some blood early in the morning, so I texted Sister Worthington, and I got rushed off to the ER.
image1 (2)
So I had my oxygen level really low and I had to get hooked up to oxygen tubes, and was stuck in the hospital for 5 hours. I was told to take care and got my meds. I got some sleep finally, and I’m feeling a ton better now, but I’m sorry if this scared you.
I prayed so hard through the night because I was afraid this was the end. I made my peace, and I knew God would watch over me. I promised him I’d give him my all, and now I owe him a lot.
I hope all of you had a good Father’s Day, and I’m so happy to be the son of the best mortal father on this earth and the son of a perfect Heavenly Father!
I’ll try and not die and keep you updated on this next week. I’ve learned so much about myself this week, so happy I’m alive and serving the lord! Love you guys
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

Happy Memorial Day

May 29, 2017

Yes this is my first free moment all day mom, sorry I didn’t have a chance to write earlier. Right now we’re just planning to start moving; we’re getting rid of all the stuff in our old apartment so that way they can call it good. We have been super busy to say the least. We went up and helped other members move and now we’re moving out of this one so it’s been quite a hectic day. Haven’t gotten my money yet for the month since it is Memorial Day, so we’re just waiting until we have money so we can get some of the groceries. Problem is we haven’t had any time to go shopping so it really doesn’t matter whether not if we had money.

It’s been kind of fun just working hard but I’m glad everything is going super well.  I hope the kids enjoy the trip down to Tucson. I really miss the Arizona weather right now. Humidity of Kansas gets to me. Man this will be a good chance for us to stretch out and try and talk to new kids. Maybe I’m going try something new and have them start talking to new people maybe go to a club or something. Hope you have a great rest of your week. love you, mom

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018
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Clare is There!

May 29, 2017

This week is been pretty good. Claire got baptized family and it was awesome. We’ve been working with her so long and she finally entered into the waters of baptism. Now she is being a great member and she had us over for dinner tonight.
image2 (2)
It’s been pretty awesome to see her grow and to see her smile grow brighten as the day of her baptism.
We just had zone conference this week and it was pretty awesome we talked about all kinds of new ways to invite people. We have been kind of busy this week we also had to move apartments. Nobody told us when we moved into our last one and that we weren’t supposed to live there.  We finally got told by an angry missionary couple that we weren’t supposed to be living there for the past nine weeks.
We spent a lot of this week cleaning and making sure everything is going well. So now we are close to being done, we still have a lot more to do but at least a majority of it is done. We both like the new apartment but it was a hassle to move here so much to move and now they’re getting rid of our old apartment so now we won’t even have to a place to go back to to get stuff so we had to move it all out by Monday.
One of the coolest guys is getting ready to go on his mission in our area and his name is Nila Camera. Nila is pretty awesome and he gave his farewell talk today at church and it was pretty sweet to see him bear his testimony in front of all of his friends. His friends the Millers are really interested and we have an appointment with them tomorrow so we’re pretty excited to teach them.
We met a bunch of crazy people this week, they were off their rockers drunk. They asked us if we ever need anything and they will keep their eyes out and dig for the dumpsters to get it. They also invited us to go and have a barbecue with them which wouldn’t be so bad, but seeing as they get most of their stuff in the garbage I’m way more than hesitant to do that with them. However they are planning on coming to church next week so it’ll be pretty cool. They are balling.
Sorry it’s taken so long for me to write a group letter, but I am making a better effort.
I love you guys tons, keep on bearing the truth.

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

Workouts, Boy Scouts, and Fall-outs

May 22, 2017

Dear mom,
This week has been good we’ve been upping our workouts, so we’ve been going hard. We also have increased the amount of protein we take so we can feed the muscles. We’ll have to see if I bulk up and slim down. I never imagined myself becoming this person, who wants to be healthy so bad I’ll work out and eat better. We ate only health foods this week, then, on Saturday, the McGriffs fed us pizza, and we got so sick off it, because of the grease. What have I become!
Don’t worry, the kids still have plenty of time. Did you hear about the church no longer being a part of BSA, at least varsity and venture crews? Is Reese close to getting his Eagle? I went to a Court of Honor yesterday for one of my favorite families here, the Kemas. Noah just got his and leaves for the Irvine California mission in 2 weeks. Their family also moves 2 days before he reports to the MTC.
Yesterday I went to a Pentecostal church. I hated it, to be honest. They indirectly insulted us 5 times in one conversation.
“I saw you were  thinking you would build trust in Clare (her baptism is this week) and get a convert, but that’s not happening. I thought of you guys in the song, Jesus breaking the Chains, and I think the saddest thing is when I see someone captive and they do not even know it. It’s leading right  to a cliff. If you ever want to talk to somebody who actually knows the Bible, (hands his number that he had pre-written before we even left) call me.”
He looks at Clare and says that their pastor would be calling her this week, and I wanted to shove the free coffee and donuts they offer down his throat. We came to their church and we were pounced upon by all of the leaders of their church. 1 minute in their, and we met their pastor, all the elders and a guy who is so high and mighty, Barry, who is the guy who told us all the things in the passage above. Elder Christensen and I wanted to just give to him, but I wasn’t even thinking, so I just muttered thanks and the 3 of us left.
Clare told us she never really liked that church, and that was rude. I was so full of anger, but we went straight to our service and I had a great time, even if the last hour was all about marriage. I felt better and Clare was telling everyone about her baptism this week.
So many people are coming now. It’s exciting.
Love you mom!
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018
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