Clare is There!

May 29, 2017

This week is been pretty good. Claire got baptized family and it was awesome. We’ve been working with her so long and she finally entered into the waters of baptism. Now she is being a great member and she had us over for dinner tonight.
image2 (2)
It’s been pretty awesome to see her grow and to see her smile grow brighten as the day of her baptism.
We just had zone conference this week and it was pretty awesome we talked about all kinds of new ways to invite people. We have been kind of busy this week we also had to move apartments. Nobody told us when we moved into our last one and that we weren’t supposed to live there.  We finally got told by an angry missionary couple that we weren’t supposed to be living there for the past nine weeks.
We spent a lot of this week cleaning and making sure everything is going well. So now we are close to being done, we still have a lot more to do but at least a majority of it is done. We both like the new apartment but it was a hassle to move here so much to move and now they’re getting rid of our old apartment so now we won’t even have to a place to go back to to get stuff so we had to move it all out by Monday.
One of the coolest guys is getting ready to go on his mission in our area and his name is Nila Camera. Nila is pretty awesome and he gave his farewell talk today at church and it was pretty sweet to see him bear his testimony in front of all of his friends. His friends the Millers are really interested and we have an appointment with them tomorrow so we’re pretty excited to teach them.
We met a bunch of crazy people this week, they were off their rockers drunk. They asked us if we ever need anything and they will keep their eyes out and dig for the dumpsters to get it. They also invited us to go and have a barbecue with them which wouldn’t be so bad, but seeing as they get most of their stuff in the garbage I’m way more than hesitant to do that with them. However they are planning on coming to church next week so it’ll be pretty cool. They are balling.
Sorry it’s taken so long for me to write a group letter, but I am making a better effort.
I love you guys tons, keep on bearing the truth.

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

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