One More!

May 1, 2017

I’m staying another transfer in the wonderful Lawrence 1st Ward, whoooooo!
Me and my companion, Chris (nicknamed this because it’s shorter than Elder Christensen), are going to kill it here.
image1 (1)
We just had an awesome experience with President McCuistion and then we had stake conference. I’m working on building up on my testimony of the Book of Mormon, so I can better testify of it to those I teach. I know it is true, but to better help those I teach, I want it to be the most priceless thing in my life.
I’ve finally had my last birthday on my mission, which is weird, because it’s getting ominously closer to the day I might not be in my beloved Kansas anymore.
I got sick during Zone Conference and I’ve been recouping and so there aren’t much stories from this week other than I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to stay awake for most things.
Feeling better, just weird with how often I get sick in my mission. Oh well.
Love you guys tons!
image2 (1)

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