Robert’s Baptism

March 27, 2017

This has been a killer week. It’s been hard to open up this area. The sisters before did not keep the records up to date, everyone has been out of town for spring break, and we don’t know a ton of people here. It felt good though to have found someone solid, her name is Robin. She is someone Elder Daly and I found while waiting for our companions to come out. She’s read to Mosiah 16, and she’s learning a ton. We invited her to Robert Mitchell’s baptism, and she stayed for Women’s Conference.

She didn’t come to church,  she sent us a weird text, about how she slept in and that she over stepped her boundaries. We asked her what she means, but she hasn’t responded.

I was able to perform both the baptism and confirmation of Robert Mitchell.


I’m so happy, but I missed the sacrament because an Elder made me wait with his investigators in Second Ward while he did a confirmation in our ward. He left after the confirmation from what Elder Christensen said and I waited for a total of 20 to 30 minutes until he got back so I could go to my ward. He was chilling in the hall, and I had to dash into the hall, and I saw that the sacrament was all done.

Elder Christensen and I are getting along great. I feel better around him and I don’t feel reserved at all. He’s a good District Leader, trying to help the sisters do better in their new area, and he really wants to work. It is pretty cool he is just a natural in Lawrence. He’s a baller missionary, working hard and talking to everyone. He is from American Fork, Utah, plays football, and doesn’t understand how to cut his hair. I cut his hair and it looked good, but he wanted it short when I was in the bathroom, and he shaved off a ton of his hair. It was funny to see what he had done to his hair.


Love you guys tons.

Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

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