Ruh Roh, That Ain’t Good…

July 10, 2017

So, this week has been okay, but something terrible happened right at the end that left me all screwy. I’ll save that for last.
So, this week was interviews with president, which went really well. I had to ask president to let me stay in Lawrence another transfer, like I did last transfer. Would love to be here a 4th transfer in the 1st Ward.
We talked about real intent because I want to teach that to some investigators, because they’ve been struggling with that. We talked about how we need to be willing to give everything to God before he gives us His spirit, and before we receive the answer.
Elder Ricks and I have been having fun talking to tons of cool people, but they canceled on us during Ward council. Then, we went to dinner afterwards, where they had a ton of kids that liked impressions. So I did a couple, one of them being my Scooby Doo impression, here I said, “Ruh Roh, rhat rain’t Rood.”
We were dropped off at our complex and I went to go grab my bike, which was locked up on a bike rack outside our complex. I turn to Elder Ricks and said, “Elder, where is my bike?” He looked at me and said, “I don’t know.” All I could say was ruh roh. It turns out while we were at church, someone stole my bike, cutting off the bike lock and taking it off. I called the cops and reported it, but I doubt anything will happen. Last time my bike was stolen, not much happened, I am just bike less, and really upset.
I hope no ones bike got stolen, and you guys all had a great week! Love you guys tons!
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

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