Service Monster

July 3, 2017

What’s up, Fam?
So this week was pretty cool. On Tuesday, after we had District Meeting, the traveling Assistants to the President came up to me and my companion and asked me if I was ready for an exchange. I just stared at them, and they asked me if we got their text, and we told them no, we didn’t. They had the wrong number they were texting to, but we still went on the exchange.
I went with a good friend of mine, Elder Simonton, who came out with me. We talked to a ton of people, our goal was to have at least 45 missionary contacts that day. Anyways, I’ve never tracked that much in my life. I use to hate it, and Elder Simonton was afraid I’d hate it more, mostly because we found like 3 people from the 90 different doors we knocked on. I actually enjoyed it, mainly because it found people who really want to learn and live the gospel. Elder Ricks and Elder Watts found ten super solid people, so they had a bit more success, but I still learned a lot.
Found ‘Da Myster Mashean’ on Sunday. Had to get a pic by it.
We’ve had about 12 service projects this week, and that’s not a joke. We had 2 days just eaten up by service. One of them was for this elderly sister in the ward and she was so thankful, and she begged us to let her take us out to dinner.
She took us to this place called the Blue Moose and made us get all this food. She dropped a $100.57 on us and she made a thank you cards with a nice candle. Sister Neil is so sweet but she misspelled my name, so I’m Elder Candlewood.
Have a lot of cool people we’ve been working with, and this area is just so solid.
Love you guys tons!
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

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