This Week Was an Adventure…

June 19, 2017

Hey everybody!
So, I got sick, but that’s my big story, one my parents will probably kill me over.
So, this week I met Elder Ricks, he’s from Ogden, Utah. He loves to play some good basketball, the oldest of 7 kids, is a big nerd like me, loves Star Wars,  wants to be a carpenter and is a great companion. We work hard, and we already have somebody on date for baptism, her name is Abby. I’ve talked about her before and now she’s preparing to enter the waters of baptism on July 8th. She’s so solid. We’ve also been finding a lot of new people in our area, and our old people, like Lamar and Melissa.
Onto the big story. I gave my first district meeting on Friday, and I had been sick for a couple days, but this day was terrible. I couldn’t breathe and was just struggling. I finally said it was too big to deal with, so I called our health coordinator, my good friend Sister Worthington, and she made me go to an urgent care. They diagnosed me with bronchitis. I got some prescriptions, but had to wait to get them, then stuff happened, so I went to bed without my meds.
Problem was, I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t breathe, I started to die in our apartment. I started to hack up some blood early in the morning, so I texted Sister Worthington, and I got rushed off to the ER.
image1 (2)
So I had my oxygen level really low and I had to get hooked up to oxygen tubes, and was stuck in the hospital for 5 hours. I was told to take care and got my meds. I got some sleep finally, and I’m feeling a ton better now, but I’m sorry if this scared you.
I prayed so hard through the night because I was afraid this was the end. I made my peace, and I knew God would watch over me. I promised him I’d give him my all, and now I owe him a lot.
I hope all of you had a good Father’s Day, and I’m so happy to be the son of the best mortal father on this earth and the son of a perfect Heavenly Father!
I’ll try and not die and keep you updated on this next week. I’ve learned so much about myself this week, so happy I’m alive and serving the lord! Love you guys
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018

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