Workouts, Boy Scouts, and Fall-outs

May 22, 2017

Dear mom,
This week has been good we’ve been upping our workouts, so we’ve been going hard. We also have increased the amount of protein we take so we can feed the muscles. We’ll have to see if I bulk up and slim down. I never imagined myself becoming this person, who wants to be healthy so bad I’ll work out and eat better. We ate only health foods this week, then, on Saturday, the McGriffs fed us pizza, and we got so sick off it, because of the grease. What have I become!
Don’t worry, the kids still have plenty of time. Did you hear about the church no longer being a part of BSA, at least varsity and venture crews? Is Reese close to getting his Eagle? I went to a Court of Honor yesterday for one of my favorite families here, the Kemas. Noah just got his and leaves for the Irvine California mission in 2 weeks. Their family also moves 2 days before he reports to the MTC.
Yesterday I went to a Pentecostal church. I hated it, to be honest. They indirectly insulted us 5 times in one conversation.
“I saw you were  thinking you would build trust in Clare (her baptism is this week) and get a convert, but that’s not happening. I thought of you guys in the song, Jesus breaking the Chains, and I think the saddest thing is when I see someone captive and they do not even know it. It’s leading right  to a cliff. If you ever want to talk to somebody who actually knows the Bible, (hands his number that he had pre-written before we even left) call me.”
He looks at Clare and says that their pastor would be calling her this week, and I wanted to shove the free coffee and donuts they offer down his throat. We came to their church and we were pounced upon by all of the leaders of their church. 1 minute in their, and we met their pastor, all the elders and a guy who is so high and mighty, Barry, who is the guy who told us all the things in the passage above. Elder Christensen and I wanted to just give to him, but I wasn’t even thinking, so I just muttered thanks and the 3 of us left.
Clare told us she never really liked that church, and that was rude. I was so full of anger, but we went straight to our service and I had a great time, even if the last hour was all about marriage. I felt better and Clare was telling everyone about her baptism this week.
So many people are coming now. It’s exciting.
Love you mom!
Elder Candland
KWM 2016-2018
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